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Four Common Types of Silver Jewelry and How You Can Pick What’s Perfect for You

by Shelly luthra 17 Jan 2022
Four Common Types of Silver Jewelry and How You Can Pick What’s Perfect for You

 We women adore jewelry— from precious, to semi-precious and even costume jewelry. When it comes to fine precious jewelry, silver is one of the top choices. It is often alloyed with other metals to make it into useful items. Silver is a metal of high value, and is considered a great item for gifting something like pure silver rings. In a pure state, this element is too soft to be made into anything. It needs to be mixed with other metals to be made durable.

It is of great importance to know the exact type of silver you will be purchasing. Often, it may be unclear what type of alloy you will be purchasing, however it is important to be aware of your investment. This is to ensure proper care and longevity of the investment you’re making. 

Often, there is a mention of the metal in jewelry, but no specifics as to what kind of alloy it is. 100% silver is not used to make jewelry. You can tell what kind of alloy is usually by the stamp it bears. Let’s take a look at the most common types of alloyed silver in the market.

Fine Silver

This kind is usually made to produce silver bands rings. It is also used to make other items like chokers, chains or anklets. This version is the closest you can get to the purest alloy. It is 99.9 per cent unadulterated; only 0.1 per cent of other other metals are mixed. This kind of alloy is also considerably delicate and scratches and loses shape quite easily. This kind of material has a unique bright white, shining property. The hallmark for this type of mixture is ‘.999’. If you’re picking up this type of metal for yourself or someone you love, worry not— it is hypoallergenic, and safe for even the most sensitive skin

Sterling Silver

The most commonly used version of the metal, this alloy is made up of 92.5 per cent silver and 7.5 per cent copper, making it the most usable, sturdy amalgam. When you see ornaments hallmarked ‘925’, it is indicative of this type of mixture. If you are considering gifting pure silver rings for women or 925 silver jewelry, this metal is a great choice. This kind of material is durable, skin-safe and lustrous, however it does require some polish and care to keep it looking its best. This is the best alternative to white gold and is pocket friendly yet giving the same looks . Easy to maintain also makes a great gift for women 

Silver Plated Jewelry

This kind is mostly made for the look you can achieve wearing it, rather than its purity or durability.  The science of ‘plated’ is pretty straightforward. A piece of jewerly like pure pearl necklace is crafted with an affordable base metal like copper or nickel, it is then given a thin coating of silver. The amount used is minuscule and is often used as a part of costume jewelry, great for experimenting with flashy styles. It is quite affordable, while maintaining a faux pearly shine. There is one con to this type of material, it is commonly not hypoallergenic. Additionally, the plating is prone to wearing off after continued use, exposing skin to a cheaper metal. Every type of skin is different. Hence, you must also ensure what is suitable for you.

Silver Filled Jewelry

A version ‘upgraded’ to the plated kind, filled jewelry is not alloyed but a heavier plating that is bonded onto the base metal. This substance contains 5 to 10 per cent silver, making it much more affordable than sterling. It does tarnish easily, but if you are looking for silver bracelets for women online to spice up your wardrobe, it might be a choice to consider.

Other than these, there are several other types of silver you may encounter in the market. Most reputed jewellers have quality grade hallmarks that let you know this kind of materials you are purchasing. A newer alternative emerging are non-tarnish alloys. These contain the element germanium, meant to make the material harder, and tarnish-resistant. No matter which kind of ornament you choose, ensure it is suited to your use and aesthetic. With these simple steps, you’ll fall in love with your trinket closet!

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