Infinite Brilliance with Lab Grown Diamond Necklaces

The lab grown diamond necklaces are a beautiful piece of accessory that gives the ultimate glamour to the wearer with its brilliant shine and beauty.

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Sustainable Glamour of Lab Grown Diamond Necklaces

The lab grown diamond necklaces have been popular lately because of the sustainable glamour and the exact same brilliance and shine as real diamond necklaces. These necklaces are extremely versatile and can be paired up with any outfit and can be worn at any occasion as well. The lab grown diamond necklaces collection at Ornate Jewels is just sunning and can literally cater to tastes and preferences of every individual. So, let us explore a few things that should be known about this gorgeous piece of accessory with Ornate Jewels.

Process of Creating Lab Grown Diamonds

The lab grown diamonds are created in labs in which the environment is controlled manually and it is similar to the environment of earth’s deep mantle where natural diamonds are formed. There are basically two main methods of creating the lab grown diamonds:

High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT)

This method copies the same conditions under which the natural diamonds are made. First, a small diamond seed is put in the container which is filled with carbon. Then, the container is put under very high pressure and temperature that is similar to what is deep inside the earth where natural diamonds are formed. Under these extreme conditions, the carbon atoms start sticking to the diamond seed that was kept in the container. Slowly, layers start forming on the diamond seed that ultimately creates a larger diamond. This whole process takes a bit of time but at the end, a small diamond see grows into a bigger and fully formed diamond and matches exactly to the naturally formed diamonds.

Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD)

In this lab grown diamond formation process, a diamond seed is put inside a special chamber that is filled with a lot of gases and amongst those gases, there is a lot of carbon. The gas is then heated to a very high temperature that ultimately causes the carbon atoms in the gas to come super active. These carbon atoms then start to mix themselves with the diamond seed kept inside the chamber. Over time, multiple carbon atoms start sticking to that diamond seed that keeps forming multiple layers onto it. This buildup of layer on the diamond seed results in a bigger diamond that looks typically like a natural diamond  with the same clarity and shine.

Why are Lab Grown Diamond Necklaces Becoming Popular?

The lab grown diamond necklaces are becoming popular because of many reasons. Let us look at some of them:


The lab grown diamond necklaces are comparatively affordable than the natural diamond necklaces. The production method is one of the reasons because of which the lab grown diamond necklaces are more affordable as they are created inside the labs in the controlled environment. They are beautiful and elegant and are available at unbelievable cost that is sure to make you stand out in the crowd.

Ethical concerns

The traditional diamond mining has been linked with a lot of concerns that are ethnically not correct as they destroy many habitats and violate human rights. The lab grown diamond necklaces are super ethical to use and do not impact anything negatively while giving you a sense of luxury and elegance. These lab grown diamond necklaces are crafted keeping in mind the care and love for nature.

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact that is caused due to mining the natural diamonds is huge and causes a lot of imbalances in nature. Whereas the lab grown diamonds are created in the lab and that ultimately does not cause any environmental impact. These necklaces promote a good, responsible and accountable luxury amongst the different generations.

Quality and Purity

The quality and purity of the lab grown diamond pendant is just fantastic and they lend the same shine and brilliance as the natural diamond necklaces. These diamonds come with very less imperfection and clarity as their quality can be controlled while making them in labs.

Pricing of Lab Grown Diamond Necklaces

The price of lab grown diamond necklace varies as per the designs and patterns. The starting price of these beautiful necklaces is Rs.15,000 and they go up to Rs.40,000. The necklaces nearer to Rs.15,000 have simple and elegant designs which is perfect for wearing on a casual occasion. The mid range of these necklaces have simple yet sophisticated pieces that can be worn as per customer’s outfit and occasion. The necklaces nearer to Rs.40,000 have more elaborate and intricate designs which is super great for wearing on special occasions in which the wearer is sure to stand out in the crowd beautifully. There are lab grown diamond pendant necklaces available in every range as per customer’s taste, personality, preference and budget.

Caring for Lab Grown Diamond Necklaces

Caring for any type of accessory is really vital as then only they can maintain their shine, beauty and brilliance. Below are some of the caring tips to make your lab grown diamond necklaces retain their ultimate shine:

Cleaning at regular intervals: Whenever you are done wearing the lab diamond necklaces, make sure to clean them with a mild liquid and then wipe it with a microfibre cloth so as to prevent from having scratches.Just keep in mind not to use any kind of harsh products that can affect the shine of your earrings. 

Storage: Make sure to store your lab grown diamond necklace separately in a pouch or a box so as to prevent any sort of scratches on the chain and the pendant . This way these necklaces with their chain and pendant will stay protected for a longer period of time.

Professional inspection: If there’s any sort of even small breakage in the necklace, then take them directly to the jeweller for the professional inspection. This way any small damage won’t lead to the bigger damages in the lab grown diamond necklace.

Ornate Jewels and its Magnificent Collection of Lab Grown Diamond Necklaces

Ornate Jewels is one of the best brands to buy the lab grown diamonds necklace where they offer super trendy designs at super affordable prices. The brand uses quality materials for crafting these necklaces and marks sure that the customers stay satisfied with the quality. The sterling silver used for the chain is of top-notch quality whereas the diamond stone used for the pendant is made with ultimate care so as to avoid any sort of imperfections. The lab grown diamonds made in the labs by the expert of Ornate Jewels make ensures that these diamonds reflect the same clarity and shine as the natural diamonds. The best part about buying the best lab grown diamond necklace from Ornate Jewels is that they provide an Authenticity Certificate along with their jewellery pieces which ultimately wins the customer’s trust. Ornate Jewels can also be the best option for these necklaces as the brand keeps its designs and patterns of jewellery updated with the market trends and fashion so as everybody can find their desired piece of jewellery at this platform. The express shipping is also an added advantage of buying from this brand as it makes sure to process and ship your jewellery orders with the responsible courier partners in literally no time. So, next time when you plan to buy a lab grown diamond necklace, ick Ornate Jewels as your top destination!.


1. Are lab grown diamond necklaces beautiful?
The lab grown diamond necklaces are extremely beautiful accessories. These silver necklaces are fitted with lab grown diamonds that look similar to the natural diamonds. These necklaces are highly versatile and can be worn at any occasion, be it casual or special.

2. What is the price range of lab grown diamond necklaces?
The price range of lab grown diamond necklaces is between Rs.15,000 to Rs.40,000. These necklaces are available in different designs and patterns with the price that is affordable.

3. Are lab grown diamonds good for wearing at cocktail parties?
Yes, absolutely! The lab grown diamond necklaces are super elegant and beautiful for wearing at cocktail parties as they lend the wearer a touch of glamour and sophistication.

4. Are lab grown diamond necklaces easy to maintain?
The lab grown diamond necklaces are easy to maintain if the proper care is done. Everytime you are done wearing the necklace, clean it with a gentle liquid and then wipe it with a soft cloth so as to prevent scratches. Also, store these lab grown diamonds necklace into a separate pouch so that they don't get tangled up with other jewellery pieces and get damaged then.

5. Is Ornate Jewels a good brand to buy lab grown diamond necklaces?
Yes, Ornate Jewels is the best brand to buy the lab grown diamond necklaces as the brand offers top-notch quality jewellery pieces and also provides an Authenticity Certificate along with them.