Office Wear Silver Rings

No office look is complete without a nicely coordinated mix of clothes and accessories. We...

No office look is complete without a nicely coordinated mix of clothes and accessories. We very well understand the importance of looking neat yet sparkly when it comes to wearing jewelry to work. Maximize your professional office look with our collection of minimalist yet stylish daily-wear silver rings. Our vast selection boasts a variety of ring designs for women that complement western and Indian formals alike and pair suitably with office wear. Workwear rings in silver are the most in demand for their low prices and lightweight casual designs .

At ornatejewels, we carry a curated selection of rings for women that will fit a busy lifestyle and are available at the lowest prices direct from the manufacturer. We carefully select and manufacture each ring design for women, which ranges from diamond-look American diamonds that are designed in bestselling simple solitaire engagement rings to commitment rings like three-stone rings that hold a lot of meaning. For nature lovers, we have flower rings that are simple yet classy and can be fixed and matched with all kinds of outfits.


Let’s Explore Our Exclusive Collection of Daily Wear Office Silver Rings

Octagon Green Emerald Solitaire Ring: When it comes to office wear rings, we have curated a variety of options that strike the perfect balance between elegance and professionalism. One of our standout pieces is the Octagon Green Emerald Solitaire Ring for women. This captivating ring showcases a beautiful green emerald set in an octagon shape, exuding refinement and charm. The vibrant green color adds a touch of vibrancy to your office ensemble, allowing you to make a subtle yet impactful statement.

Happily Ever After 1-Carat Solitaire Ring: This solitaire ring with its 1-carat CZ diamond, a symbol of everlasting love, exudes classic elegance. Our Solitaire Engagement Ring for Women is the ideal choice if you're looking for an engagement ring that easily transitions from dressy occasions to office wear. This ring exudes timeless beauty and grace as it showcases a stunning solitaire diamond set in a slim silver band. Its timeless style and adaptability make it a great option for everyday wear in the office, serving as a reminder of the affection and dedication you share.

Lab-Created Sapphire Women Ring: The captivating lab-created sapphire ring boasts a deep blue hue reminiscent of the night sky. Its enchanting design brings a touch of glamour to your office daily wear, elevating your style with its exquisite charm and allure.

Six Prong 2 Carat Solitaire American Diamond 925 Silver Ring: Command attention with the six-prong solitaire ring. Its impressive 2-carat American diamond is a showstopper, making it an ideal choice for office daily wear. This ring exudes confidence and elegance, enhancing your professional image.

Royal Single Stone 1.5 Carat Emerald Ring in Silver: Embrace regal charm with the royal single-stone emerald ring. Its majestic 1.5-carat emerald adds a touch of sophistication to your office daily wear. This ring exudes elegance and grace, making a lasting impression in any professional setting.

Natural Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Designer Ring In 925 Silver: Unveil the beauty of nature with the natural freshwater pearl and diamond designer ring. This exquisite piece showcases the harmonious blend of pearls and diamonds, creating a captivating and luxurious look. Perfect for office daily wear, it adds a touch of opulence to your professional attire.

Emerald Hues Halo Ring for Women: Step into the spotlight with the Emerald Hues Halo Ring. Its mesmerizing emerald surrounded by a halo of sparkling stones creates a captivating and glamorous look. Ideal for office daily wear, this ring is sure to make a lasting impression and enhance your professional style.

Star is Born Silver Ring: Make a statement with our Star is Born Silver Ring. Crafted with 925 sterling silver, this ring features a captivating star design, symbolizing brilliance and inspiration. Its unique presence adds charm and personality to your office attire, allowing you to express your individual style effortlessly.

Royal American Diamond Ring: For those who appreciate luxury, our Royal American Diamond Ring is an excellent choice. This exquisite ring features a cluster of American diamonds set in a sterling silver band, creating a dazzling and glamorous effect. The brilliance of the diamonds adds elegance to your office wear, allowing you to shine with confidence and sophistication.

Sterling Silver Solitaire Proposal Ring: Sterling Silver Solitaire Proposal Ring For a classic and romantic touch, our Sterling Silver Solitaire Proposal Ring is perfect. It showcases a single sparkling cubic zirconia solitaire set in a sterling silver band, representing love and devotion. Its understated elegance makes it an ideal daily wear option for the office, serving as a beautiful reminder of the special bond you share with your partner.

Three Stone Promise Silver Ring: Our collection also includes the Three Stone Promise Silver Ring, symbolizing your relationship's past, present, and future. Adorned with three stunning cubic zirconia stones set in a silver band, this ring symbolises enduring love and commitment. Its delicate design and symbolic significance make it a cherished piece for daily wear.

Royal Red Ruby Silver Ring: Indulge in the allure of our Royal Red Ruby Silver Ring. The rich red hue of the ruby, set in a sterling silver band, adds sophistication and elegance to your office look. This ring exudes confidence and style, making it a perfect choice for those who want to make a statement in the workplace.

Single Pearl Ring: Add a touch of timeless elegance with our Single Pearl Ring in 925 sterling silver. This delicate ring showcases a lustrous pearl set in a simple and refined silver band. The pearl symbolizes purity and grace, making it a perfect accessory for office wear that exudes sophistication and charm.

At Ornatejewels, we are committed to providing you with a stunning collection of silver rings that are ideal for daily wear, including in office environments. Each piece combines exceptional craftsmanship, timeless designs, and the beauty of 925 sterling silver to offer a selection of rings that effortlessly enhance your professional style.

Explore our collection today and find the perfect office daily wear silver ring that reflects your individuality and elevates your work attire
We only use the best and purest 925 sterling silver, our rings are designed to last and are perfect for daily wear. All our jewels come with a purity stamp and warranty. Your purchases will arrive in a cute little gift box, making gifting a ring easy.