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A pure relationship does not need any boundaries or conditions. All it needs is a “Promise.” A promise to stay together by each other’s side, no matter what circumstances and unfortunate situations pass by. When you are involved with the other person, you need nothing more but a promise of being together forever. While words cannot say everything, some sweet gifts can. Just like a promise ring that denotes the bond shared between the duo. And it is not just any ordinary diamond ring, but it is much more than that. Let’s know more about it.

What Is A Promise Ring?

When you are in love, you want everything around you that says his/her name. And this is practically possible too when you lift your hand to see a fancy diamond ring in your hand that speaks about your bond. A promise ring is a jewel that says it all!

Life is full of tragedies and ups and downs. This is where a promise ring denotes that you two are ready to cross it all together. It is not one of the diamond wedding rings and is not the best idea when you are proposing for marriage. Instead, it is applicable when you promise to be committed and dedicated to one another forever, irrespective of taking the wedding vows.

What Does The Girlfriend Understand With A Promise Ring?

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Getting married means leaving behind your old life, to begin a new journey together. This sounds exciting from one side, but another facet of the coin shows a phase full of dilemmas and confusion. So, buying a promise diamond ring for a woman like Ornate Promise Love Band Ring will show how you do not wish to lose her, even in the times of her being unsure. Moreover, this is also termed as a “pre-engagement ring” through which she can readily smile by knowing the fact that you are with her in her hard and sensitive times.

What Does A Boy Interpret When He Gifts A Promise Ring?

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When a boy sends a diamond ring for his woman, he is sending lots of love, faith and loyalty to her. When he gives you a ring which is as good as American Diamond Promise Ring 925 Silver then he is wishing you bundles of affection. Having filthy habits like alcohol, drugs, smoking etc. is quite evident among boys nowadays. But when he gives you a promise ring, he means to tell you that “you can ask him for anything, which would stay unbreakable forever.”

So, if he has gifted you the diamond ring then there you go girl! Go and ask him to be clean for you. He has to promise that he will not say no to it. He will stay loyal to you throughout and for always.

In Which Finger Is A Promise Diamond Ring Worn?

As you must have understood enough that there is a difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring. So, the finger for this should also differ so that the meaning is ideally conveyed. An engagement ring is worn in the ring finger of the left hand, so women prefer not to wear a promise diamond ring in the same, as it would say that she is married. So, simply shift the ring to the right of the ring finger so that the purpose is spoken in the best way. Moreover, ladies also wear the promise ring in the ring finger and replace it after being engaged. The choice is hers!

What Is The General Diamond Ring Price?

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The price bar of promise rings begins from Rs. 1,000 while it can further be raised to a hike of around Rs. 5,000. Your choice will vary according to the design. For example, if you have bought simple round diamond ring like Eternity 925 Silver Band For Women without the involvement of any gems, then you can expect it to be lesser than 2K. On the other hand, something like Princess Solitaire American Diamond Pure Silver Ring can be a bit more expensive because of the rising gem. This is how the kind of ring depicts the price of the ring.

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Supposedly, the information for promise diamond ring has made it easier for you to make your decision. It is a promise where you can commit a lifetime but you do not have to necessarily swear on the vows. A gift that will flourish your love in her vein while she is completely rescued from any further dilemma. An oath where you are ready to devote your lifetime but you do not need a priest for it. Just grab your rings to cross your fingers together and live happily ever after.