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There was an era when the metal of jewellery defined class, but now we are running in a generation where the choice of our jewellery defines who we are. While golden jewellery is still counted as a royal metal, here comes Silver to be easy-going, charming and graceful. Nevertheless, there are many considerable factors that have made people switch to Silver over gold. Few of these factors are defined down here.

For Being Cheaper Than Gold

One of the keys and convincing benefits of opting Silver above gold is the price variant between them. Certainly, the world knows that you need a high budget to buy gold jewellery, but that budget can shower you with more Silver at the same price.

American Diamond 925 Silver Halo Stud Earrings

Owing to the fact that gold is scarce than Silver, the prices between the two vary a lot. Gold mining and gold making thus become more time consuming and effort costing as it is rare and limited. On the other hand, Silver is still not scarce and thus can be purchased in more varieties and lesser price because of the reduced cost of efforts and mining.

Less Likely To Cause Pain

Although women love to change their earrings with the occasion, there is always one favourite and precious earring that they switch to every other day. Also, none can deny the fact that an artificial set of earrings can leave the ears dirty and uncomfortable, thus people prefer original material above all.

But when it comes to glamming up with Silver or gold on a regular basis, then people look at Silver more often. Reason being that Silver is lighter in weight as compared to gold. For instance, the weight of Cushion Cut Solitaire American Diamond Studs In Pure Silver (IMG 1) would be definitely lesser than gold in the same design.

The weighing scale between the two makes Silver more comfortable instead of gold.

Compliments Every Dress

Golden jewellery can add grace to the saree and bring shine to the Lehenga. But you can surely not address heavy golden earrings to a fit and flare dress in knee-length. On the other hand, you will never face any such dilemma in silver jewellery as the pairing white and silver reflection is always ready to complement every type of dress, be it Indian or Western.

This can be quoted well with the example of  7-8 Mm Real Pearl 22 Inches Long Necklace And Earrings In Sterling Silver (IMG2) from Ornate Jewels. Its subtle design is sure to soothe every dress form, but do picture if this can be possible with gold!

Can Pair With Other Gems

silver jewellery
silver jewellery

One of the most lovable factors why people die for Silver more than gold is its versatility to blend with every other colour of a gemstone. The white sparkle and silver backdrop welcome every ruby graciously. Example of it is Silver Created Ruby Square Pendant And Earrings (IMG 3) itself. You can also look for another gem in the family of green at Ornate Jewels.

Well, clearly this cannot be readily seen in the golden jewelry range as the gold background of the precious is lesser invitee to many colors. Only a hand-picked stones are fair to contrast with gold.

Comparatively More Durable Than Gold

You might often have to visit the gold seller for dents and bents that can be caused to the gold jewellery with time, but certainly, you have to go through lesser rounds when it comes to Silver. In comparison to golden metal, Silver is much harder and resilient to wear and tear. You can always rely on it for extended life.

On the contrary, golden jewelry may get harmed with time. Although it can be repaired too, but the same pattern is a game of total luck.

Therefore, for those who wish to be carefree, be in terms of life or jewellery, they should surely rely on Silver more than gold.

Good Enough For Every Complexion

silver jewellery

Albeit it is high time to break the stereotype, but there is another face of the coin as well, which cannot be ignored. This facet is the truth about how golden ornaments can have an impact on the complexion. It is rightly seen that golden colored jewelry makes dark tone appear darker.

While by way of alternative, silver jewellery is always applauding. No wonder its bright hue always dazzles on every body type and every complexion. Certainly, you have to match the heaviness, design and metal of your ornaments with the dress and skin so that you are perfectly confident of what you flaunt among the people. 

These are some of the grounds that have redefined the way of sprucing up with jewellery. If you wish yourself to be comfortable yet graceful every time, then do have a look at Ornate Jewels today!