925 Silver Rings for Women and Girls

Silver rings have a long-standing reputation for being beautiful and versatile.

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Rs. 1,999.00 Rs. 2,859.00 (Save Rs. 860.00)
(Save Rs. 860.00)
Rs. 1,999.00 Rs. 2,859.00 (Save Rs. 860.00)

Shop Exquisite Silver Rings for Women

Ornate Jewels is the place to go if you're looking for the perfect silver ring for any occasion. Our collection of silver rings for women are a showstopper that combines craftsmanship and style. Every piece is carefully crafted to show off the timeless charm of sterling silver.

Our collection features a wide variety of silver finger ring designs, perfect for everyday wear or for special occasions. Whether you’re looking for a simple design that’s perfect for a day-to-day look, or you’re after a statement ring that will make your everyday life a little bit more special, there’s something for everyone at Ornate Jewels. Our sterling silver ring is hallmarked to ensure purity and premium materials.

Ornate jewels ensure that the customers have a hassle-free shopping experience with precise product details and descriptions, high quality images and detailed terms and conditions on the website from the comfort of their homes. With a 7 days return policy and assured refunds and exchanges, customers can stay assured that their money is absolutely safe if anything goes wrong. The best part of purchasing the jewellery from us is that we offer a straight one year warranty on all our products against all the manufacturing defects. This makes sure that you don’t regret buying from our exclusive collection of silver ring for women.

The silver rings are made from an alloy composed of 92.5% of pure silver, 7.5% of other metals, typically copper. This alloy increases the strength of the silver while preserving its natural beauty. The process of manufacturing involves the melting and combining of the metals, which creates a flexible material suitable for creating intricate designs. The skilled craftsmen use different techniques to make the best rings for women. The 925 silver rings are known for their beautiful elegance and affordable pricing that combines traditional designs with modern style.

Shop magnificent Silver Rings

Elevate your look with the beautiful silver ring from our collection that brings traditional designs with modern style. Each of the silver rings for women is carefully made to bring the best appearance in you that's perfect for every occasion and outfit. All of the silver rings that are listed on our website are made from sterling silver which means these rings are highly durable to stay in your jewellery collection.

The silver rings for women carry an ethereal charm that matches the modern trends of all time Our designers take inspiration from a range of sources to create a collection that combines classic elegance with a modern twist. Each piece is a masterpiece, demonstrating the skill and commitment of our artisanal craftspeople. Whether you are attracted to the classic simplicity of a band or the opulence of a more elaborate design, our silver rings for women are a reminder of the timeless beauty of silver. Make a statement that will last a lifetime with a silver ring from our collection.

Shop latest original silver ring exclusively on Ornate Jewels

Women often love adding exquisite jewellery to their collection that elevates the glitz of their outfit. We at ornate Jewels keep in mind the love and care that women put to match the Chandi ring with their outfits to stand out wherever they go. Our jewellery collection of Chandi ki ring has designs that can be worn with traditional outfits as well as western outfits with different stones like blue, American diamond, etc. and motifs like butterfly, traditional symbols, etc that reflect various cultural and spiritual significances as well apart from fashion.

Crafted from premium 925 silver, our collection of Chandi ki Ring is stunning, ensuring that you not only wear a ring but a beauty in a finger that stays longer than other accessories.

When you choose an Original Silver Ring from Ornate Jewels, you are not just buying a piece of jewellery; but you are buying a piece of fashion. Explore our collection today and discover the finest Chandi Ki Anguthi – an example of enduring charm of 925 silver. Embrace the elegance, embrace Ornate Jewels!

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  1. Is silver good for rings?
    Silver rings are a great choice as they are affordable, versatile and have an ethereal charm. The silver adds a shininess to the rings that lend a sophisticated look to the wearer’s overall look. Silver is also considered to have a great value in many cultures across the world.

  2. Is Chandi ki Ring more cost-effective than gold?
    Yes, chandi ki ring is much more affordable than the gold rings. Silver is beautiful and cost effective metal than gold which ultimately makes it the best choice for women looking for fashionable accessories at a budget friendly price.

  3. What is a 925 Sterling Silver Ring?
    925 sterling silver ring is made from a mixture that contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. The word ‘925’ showcases silver’s purity that ensures durability and hardness which is less tarnishing.

  4. How can we be sure of a good purchase of a 925 Silver Ring?
    Trusted sellers like Ornate Jewels can be good for purchasing an authentic 925 Silver Ring. Sellers with good reviews and genuine terms and conditions tend to be the top and best sellers of silver rings. They ensure that the customer experience is hassle free with good return and exchange policies.