Orders are usually processed within 15 business days. Some products, such as pre-orders and customised jewellery, may take longer. We're continuously striving to get your purchase to you sooner. However, in some unforeseen circumstances, it may take a bit longer. In such cases, we'll notify you of any delay immediately.

Our pure silver jewellery is rhodium-polished to give it a high shine and make it look like white gold. Doing so also prevents it from oxidizing and turning black. This property makes it a great buy for daily wear.

Yes. Our silver is the purest as it has been stamped for purity. It is also nickel-free, lead-free and rhodium-polished, making it super safe to wear.

NEVER use toothpaste to clean silver jewellery, as it is very abrasive.NEVER dip silver jewellery in non-certified commercial cleaning solutions even though their labels may state that they are specifically for silver jewellery. Truthfully, dipping jewellery in such cleaners may work the first few times, but after that, the jewellery may change colour and might never look the same.

We use American Diamonds (commonly known as CZ or Cubic Zirconia) of the highest AAA quality. This makes them look just like natural diamonds.All the other coloured gemstones are man-made i.e lab-created emeralds, lab-created rubies etc. which mimic the look of natural gemstones at the fraction of a cost.

Each piece is made using pure 925 silver and stamped for purity.We also keep your busy lifestyle in mind so that you can wear our jewellery for years to come.So, yes, we offer daily-wear jewellery with anti-tarnish properties. All our products come in lightweight, comfortable, allergy-free designs that also go well with all kinds of clothing styles.