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Silver Jewellery

Yes, each product sold at Ornate Jewels is crafted by using the purest stamped 925 silver. We are so confident of our purity that we also suggest having it tested by third-party vendors.
Our pure silver jewellery is rhodium-polished to give it a high shine and make it look like white gold. Doing so also prevents it from oxidizing and turning black. This property makes it a great buy for daily wear.
Yes. Our silver is the purest as it has been stamped for purity. It is also nickel-free, lead-free and rhodium-polished, making it super safe to wear.
NEVER use toothpaste to clean silver jewellery, as it is very abrasive.
NEVER dip silver jewellery in non-certified commercial cleaning solutions even though their labels may state that they are specifically for silver jewellery. Truthfully, dipping jewellery in such cleaners may work the first few times, but after that, the jewellery may change colour and might never look the same.
We use American Diamonds (commonly known as CZ or Cubic Zirconia) of the highest AAA quality. This makes them look just like natural diamonds.
All the other coloured gemstones are man-made i.e lab-created emeralds, lab-created rubies etc. which mimic the look of natural gemstones at the fraction of a cost.
Each piece is made using pure 925 silver and stamped for purity.
We also keep your busy lifestyle in mind so that you can wear our jewellery for years to come.
So, yes, we offer daily-wear jewellery with anti-tarnish properties. All our products come in lightweight, comfortable, allergy-free designs that also go well with all kinds of clothing styles.
At Ornate Jewels, jewellery is crafted to last for a lifetime. However, wearing it daily also warrants proper care so that it stays presentable and beautiful for years. Following are the guidelines to prolong the life of our jewels: If possible, take off your jewellery when doing household chores. Please try and wear jewellery only after putting on makeup; keep it away from lotions, creams and perfumes. We advise doing so as certain elements in the above-mentioned products can deteriorate the finishing of our products. Don’t wear jewellery in swimming pools and spas because chlorinated water will damage it. Remove your jewellery before bathing to retain its shine and protect it from hard water. This is true for not only silver but also for other kinds of jewellery.
Polish silver or gold with a jewellery polishing cloth to get the best results.
You can even use a svelte or an old diaper, but professional pieces of cloth are preferred. You can always opt for the easier way by using a soft cloth.
Don’t use tissues or paper towels as they can cause scratches because of the fibre in them. Clean your jewellery regularly and with care.
Achieve this by purchasing commercial cleaners from a jeweller or creating a DIY cleaning solution.
Pure silver jewellery can be cleaned easily at home by making a solution of dishwashing liquid and water. Rinse your precious jewels gently yet thoroughly with water.
Rubbing alcohol can do wonders too.
Keep your jewellery secure by storing it in a box that prevents it from moving around and hitting the inside surfaces of the box.
While fabric-lined jewellery boxes are ideal, the easier method calls for using a plastic box with a piece of fabric placed inside it.
Also, compartmentalize your jewels so that they don’t rub against each other and get entangled in the process.

Return Policy

We offer a no-questions-asked 7-day return policy for the products that have not been used and have their tags intact. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we will arrange a return for you.
Once we receive your product, we will refund your money.
All returns are documented and you shall also receive a tracking number for your returns, which you can use to check up on your order’s progress.
After sending your parcel, please allow 4-6 days for it to arrive and for us to process your refund.
If the return takes unusually long to reach, we request that you maintain your faith in us.
We invite you to explore all our social media platforms such as Instagram (@ornatejewels) and customer reviews.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, all forms of Net banking, payment wallets and COD.
All transactions are SECURE and we use PAYUBIZ and PAYTM as our main payment gateway partners.
All our products are shipped in our signature gift box so that you don’t have to worry about packaging.
We’d also be happy to add an old-fashioned handwritten gift note with the order for your loved ones or tie a ribbon on the box on your behalf.
We are here to take care of your gifting needs and will always wish that you sparkle with joy.
All you have to do is give us the requirements while ordering and we shall fulfil them.
We strive to ship our products within 24 hours of receiving your order. We do so to ensure faster delivery and send you sparkles of joy as soon as we can.
After that, it takes 2-3 working days for the shipment to reach you. Please remember that delivery may take longer in remote areas and some states.
Nevertheless, we continuously strive to get your purchase to you on time.
However, in some unforeseen circumstances, it may be delayed. In that case, we would appreciate your patience and cooperation.
While we cannot provide any guarantees on behalf of third party logistics firms, we do send email and SMS notifications regarding your order and also when your parcel is out for delivery in your local area.
We also follow up diligently on your behalf with the logistics firms on an hourly and daily basis to make sure that your parcel reaches you at the earliest.
Please contact us if you face any issues regarding the receipt of your parcel.
Currently, we ship all over India only.
Yes its 100% safe to buy from Ornatejewels. We never share your financial Information with anyone. When you make a purchase your bank details and other details are always secure with the choice of financial institution you choose.


Please don’t hesitate to WhatsApp us on 8600718666 if you would like to see a product up close. Once connected, we will send you a video of the product so that you can visualize how it will look like on you.
Absolutely! Our Customer Care Team is always available on WhatsApp. Contact us on 8600718666 for ANY query or simply to chat about your favourite Ornate jewellery! We’re here to talk as well as listen.
Yes, we sell in bulk because we want to see EVERYONE sparkle with joy!
Yes! Special occasions call for memorable jewellery and so, Ornate Jewels would be honoured to make weddings, housewarmings or other events unforgettable for you.
The quality you seek is the quality we serve. So, you will ALWAYS get what you see.
For reassurance, you can always check our Instagram story highlights titled ‘#OrnateWithUs’.


We are trustworthy manufacturers and our prices are the lowest in India. Since we don’t buy from the market, we offer you the best quality jewellery at affordable rates.
Plus, we sell jewellery that suits all types of wallets. You can buy precious jewellery starting from Rs. 499 and onwards.
Regardless of the price, all our products are packaged in beautiful designer gift boxes. We’ll also go the extra mile and put a ribbon or add a handwritten gift card to your order if you’d like.
Rings are the bestselling gift for women. When buying a ring gift for women online always ensure you are buying the right size
Yes we have Men's Rings in pure silver that sre adjustable and can fit any finger size. Also studded with American diamonds they look like white gold and make a good gift for proffesional men
Look for hallmark and purity stamp on the jewellery piece Also buy from best jewellery brands online. For your own peace of mind check their reviews on their website. Also check for their return policy.
If buying earrings as a gift for a woman you can always match it with a necklace to make it a complete coordinated set. When buying a bracelet you can buy few together to create a stack . You can also buy a handbag or nice jewellery box for her to keep her gift in it.
You can ask the brand to do nice gift wrap making your gift more special and also cute handwritten gift messages on a card make the gift even more personalised and makes the recipient feel super special. At ornatejewels we are known for our old-fashioned handwritten gift cards which are complimentary
When buying jewellery for a special woman in your life always consider her lifestyle and personal style of jewellery that she wears. What kind of pieces she wears? Basis that you can select some daily wear silver jewellery for her. For a working woman a pair of earring studs or solitaire earrings for women are a great buy which she wears daily and feel special with your gift.


That entirely depends on the kind of ring design that you have bought. Some designs of rings can resize and some can’t. If you are unsure of your ring size you can always buy Adjustable rings by Ornate jewels.

While all our rings are meant for daily wear. They do get dull over a period of time due to daily wear and tear and soap and hard water deposits. So we advise cleaning them at home with a drop of dish washing liquid and water. Alternatively you can get them cleaned by a jeweller professionally as well.

The half eternity rings have bands studded halfway with diamonds or gems. A full eternity band has stones studded all over.

You can start with creating a collection of simple classic rings that you can wear daily. A solitaire ring is a great starter ring to have especially when it’s made in silver. This simple ring can be paired effortlessly and suits all lifestyles and routines. A few silver bands like eternity band, or a three stone band is also a classic style. If you are someone who likes big statement rings, our Chunky Cocktail party rings will definitely fit your style.

Yes ring stacks are perfect. You can always mix and match your rings according to your personal style. Wear as many as you like on both the fingers. You can always pair multiple band rings together or can wear a cocktail ring on a right hand ring and wear few bands on left hand finger.

All our rings and jewellery is made in 925 sterling silver that’s the purest form of metal that can be used. Each ring has the 925 stamp which you can find inside the shank of the ring. No our rings won’t turn your skin green as they are made of the purest and premium silver 925. Green skin is often caused by cheap metals and fake costume jewellery.

Yes all our jewels and rings are waterproof as they are e-coated with rhodium to protect them. You can wear them daily. We do recommend to protect your rings from chlorinated water that can cause damage to the silver. It’s always recommended to remove your jewellery while applying makeup or perfumes. Please do remove your rings before you apply a hand lotion. Creams and lotions will get deposited on your rings causing them to become dull overtime.

Yes silver is a metal of choice for jewellery. It’s hard and durable yet malleable that can be formed into jewellery. Silver jewellery lasts for years.

Yes 100% you should remove your rings before going to bed so the skin is able to breathe and it’s also advisable to change your jewellery often.

Online ring shopping gives you a plethora of choices so you can select from various designs and prices. At Ornate jewels we have a selection of ring designs for men and women. They range from Solitaire rings, Engagement rings, Office wear rings for women, Pearl rings for women, Anniversary band for men, Rings for men, Wedding band rings etc.


Here are few guidelines for different face shapes. Oval faces are versatile and can wear almost any earring style Round Face Shape: Choose earrings that add length and create the illusion of a narrower face. Drop earrings, dangle earring can help elongate the shape. Square Face Shape: For this kind pf shape wear rounded earring styles such as Round Hoops, oval-shaped stud earrings, and round studs can add balance to the square. Heart Face Shape: Wear earrings that will widen your jawline. Teardrop or triangular shape earrings can create a pleasing effect. Don’t wear earrings that are narrow on top. Diamond Face Shape: To compliment the cheekbones and soften the diamond shape wear studs, small hoops, or earrings with curves. Avoid wearing thin long earrings. Oblong/Rectangular Face Shape: To create width and add fullness to this shape choose voluminous earrings like clustered studs or chandelier earrings.

Yes, you can wear pure silver earrings that have been rhodium polished so they help with sensitive earrings. Also freezing your earrings overnight will also help. Use some skin cream before wearing your earrings so it can add a barrier between your skin and metal.

You can always wipe your earring backs and earrings with a mixture of dish washing liquid and water. This helps you to keep your earrings and skin clean. Always remove your earrings before going to bed, so your skin can breathe and also its advisable to rotate your earrings often to help your skin breathe. When buying earrings for women, consider earrings that are lightweight so your earlobes are protected. Go earring free maybe once or twice a week. Also avoid wearing heavy earrings on daily basis. Stud earrings are a good type of earrings for daily wear.

Yes, at Ornate jewels we sell only pure 925 silver earrings online for women. All our earrings are rhodium polished to protect your skin from any allergies. Our earrings are safe for skin allergy.

No we don’t recommend wearing your earrings to bed. It’s a good idea to let your skin breathe and also it prolongs your earrings life. It’s recommended that you don’t wear your earrings while swimming as the chlorine in the water can damage the silver or gold. You can wear our earrings in water but we recommend avoid wearing them as the hard water deposits and soap can cause deposits on your jewellery.

The most iconic and popular earring for women all over the world is a Stud earring. These are simple classy and very versatile. They often feature s single solitaire and sit directly on the earlobe. Hoop Earrings are small circular earrings commonly referred to as Bali in India. They range from small diamond studded ones to big party hoops for glam evenings. Dangle Earrings are hang just below the earlobe and and they swing from the ears. Dangle earrings can be Jhumka, drop etc. Often studded with AAA grade American diamonds these are a great partywear earring. Drop Earrings are similar to dangle earrings but are more linear in shape generally having a drop at the end Chandelier earrings are most traditional earrings for women and are mostly worn for wedding and occasions. They add a glamourous and glam element to any outfit. Ear climbers are unique earrings that climb upwardly toward the ear giving the ear an illusion of wearing many earrings in one.

Earrings can provide a medium for self-expression for women to showcase their individuality, style, and personality. Earrings are available in many materials, designs and colors to give women the choice of wearing what they like. Earrings are also considered as a fashion statement and accessory that completes an outfit and looks. Different earring styles for women actually have the ability to convey different messages ranging from small elegant studs to bold round hoops to trendy earrings to statement earrings. Wearing earrings are also a part of culture in many parts of the world. Earrings for women do have a traditional significance in many societies. Gold or silver earrings are also a symbol of social status. Earrings have the ability to enhance facial features ad can draw attention. They can complement hairstyles, highlight the eyes, and add balance or symmetry to the face. Earrings gift for women often have sentimental and meaningful reasons attached to it.

Avoid nickel copper and cheap metals in earrings that can cause permanent damage to your skin sometimes. Invest in a good pair of silver earrings that can be worn on daily basis. Pure 925 silver studs are great earring for women that can be worn daily. Pure silver or gold is a metal of choice for women when it comes to buying earrings. They are best for sensitive skin. Silver earrings can be the 1st choice of metal when you are getting your ears pierced as it won’t cause any allergy to the skin.

We understand that jewelry can be an extension of one’s personality hence many women like wearing their earrings all day long. Hence when selecting earrings for daily wear choose lightweight earrings that won’t cause any damage to your ears. Few pointers to keep in mind always select hypoallergenic earrings. Wear studs that are lightweight. Avoid heavy earrings that will pull your ears all day long. Don’t wear your earrings to bed. Apply a barrier cream like Vaseline to create a barrier between your skin and metal. Try wearing different earring styles. Take a break from wearing earrings often

Silver Anklets

We have the most trendy and durable silver anklet designs for women which will suit their lifestyle and fashion choices. Our silver is pure and hallmarked for purity. Our anklets for girls range from simple solitaire anklet to charm anklet and pendant anklet that has small charm pendant hanging from them.

It’s very easy to measure your anklet size at home by measuring the ankle with a measuring tape and then checking it with our Anklet size chart that’s available on our product page. All our anklets come with an extender making it easy to be worn by all.

Yes absolutely! Anklets are loved and worn by women all over the world and our modern anklet designs are a great gift for women. You can buy these anklets online in our store and gift them on occasions of anniversary and birthday. These also make a great engagement gift for women. Our silver is pure and comes with the purity stamp. It will arrive in our gift box making your gifting easy.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to wearing an anklet. It depends on your own personal choice.

Anklets are an important part of Indian woman’s jewel box and can be paired with saree, dress, jeans and suits alike. Our trendy anklets do make a great fashion statement.

Anklets are also called as Payal, Pajeb, Chandi ki payal, Ankle bracelets etc.

Generally, its recommended to wear anklets on bare legs as they can get caught in socks and pantyhose and might rip them off.

Our silver anklets pair very well with all kinds of footwear. You can style them with sandals, beach thongs, heels, pumps and even flats.


We have the best selection of Mangalsutra in silver online for women. You can choose from Solitaire Mangalsutra for women that’s a classic design and is always popular. We also have heart Mangalsutra that can be a great gift for her on anniversary. We also have diamond look Mangalsutra necklace in star and many other daily wear designs. Our Mangalsutra bracelets are also very popular for office wear jewellery collection.

Yes, you can wear our dailywear mangalsutras for women every day. These are a good option when looking to buy a gift for bride or an Anniversary gift for wife. Crafted with pure silver 925 they are the best choice for a budget buy.

It’s a personal choice but the best-selling designs are American diamond mangalsutra that look just like diamonds. These are available in many designs like flower mangalsutra, square pendant mangalsutra, Heart shape mangalsutra etc. These trendy designs have been worn by many celebrities and a hot favourite among fashion forward women.

Though its commonly referred to as the Mangalsutra itself it does have many names like Thaali or Thali, Mangalyam or Pustelu, Minnu, Dejhoor or Dejhar, Maangalyamu or Maangalya sutra, Lagan or Lagan Sutra, Nallapusalu.


Every beautiful 925 pure silver necklace for women from Ornate Jewels is made with 925 silver that has been verified by the brand's hallmark, so you can rest assured that your product comes from a trusted source. Additionally, every purchase includes its own certificate for guaranteed satisfaction.

Simple silver chains, chains with different types of pendants, pearl pendant chains, and pearl string necklaces are some popular choices of necklaces for women in silver. You can play with these necklaces by stacking or layering pendant necklaces of different sizes and shapes to create a trendy celebrity look. Some of our best-selling silver necklaces for women are multi-solitaire necklaces, ruby pendants with chain or sapphire pendants with American diamonds, heart necklaces, infinity necklaces, and some more.

It's important to be aware that exposing the necklace to harsh chemicals such as perfumes, lotions, hairsprays, and household cleaning agents can potentially damage gemstones or negatively affect their appearances, which is why it's best to avoid these when wearing or storing your jewellery. People also often ask, Can we sleep with a silver necklace on? Yes, you can. Our pure sterling silver jewellery is meant for daily wear, all day, every day, yet it is recommended that you remove your jewellery before going to bed.

All our necklaces have a pure silver chain that is 18 inches long. Even the closure is made of 100% silver.

We know necklaces usually get tangled while storing or keeping them, and keeping your jewellery safe is important. Some hacks that we suggest to our customers for storing their silver necklaces or pendants with chains are to store them in straws, plastic pouches, plastic jewellery boxes with compartments, or in our ornate box. These tips will help you keep your pure silver jewels safe while travelling or storing them at home.

Everyone has their own personal style when it comes to styling jewellery. But there are some important factors that need to be kept in mind, like occasion, type of clothing, and more. You can either buy pure silver necklace sets that come with pendant chains and matching earrings that can go with all your outfits and occasions. Likewise, a diamond look tennis bracelet, or minimal American diamond bracelet are perfect for any look. Ornate jewels can be worn daily as they are hypoallergenic and water proof.

Pure 925 silver with rhodium polish is the best, as the rhodium coating protects your skin and creates a barrier between your skin and metal. At Ornate Jewels, all our silver jewellery for women and men is 100% hypoallergenic and water proof. You can enjoy wearing the trendy silver necklaces every day.

There are a few easy hacks from ornate jewels that can save your knotted necklaces. 1. Apply baby oil to the knots with a cotton swab. Oil will make the chain slippery, making it easier to undone. 2. Apply baby talcum powder to separate twisted, tangled silver necklaces. 3. To separate a stubborn knot, take a sharp needle and poke it through the 925 silver chain and pick apart the knots quickly. You can use these tips for your gold chains, silver chains or your costume jewellery chains.