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Fashion and trends keep changing on a regular basis, but what remains constant is the love for gold and silver jewellery that individuals have. The gold jewellery and silver jewellery exclusively from Ornate Jewels collection lends an irresistible charm to the wearer that beautifully blends elegance and sophistication.

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Gold and Silver Jewellery: The Epitome of Ultimate Glamour

Jewellery has been adorned by humans since centuries now. Among the many types of jewelleries, gold and silver are the most cherished and loved ones. The gold and silver jewellery are not just beautiful but also hold a great significant value. Ornate Jewels offers the best collection of gold jewellery and silver jewellery to the jewellery enthusiasts that lend them a sophisticated and elegant appearance. So, let’s explore the world around gold and silver jewellery along with the exquisite collection of Ornate Jewels.

History of Gold and Silver Jewellery

Gold has been fascinating to humankind since ancient times. It is one of the first metals that was used by the humans just because of their natural beauty and rarity. The ancient civilizations that include Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans cherished the gold jewellery for its lustre and limitless shine. For example, the Egyptians adorned their pharaohs with gold jewellery to showcase power and divine connection. Gold was also used to make the coins and those coins were also the very first form of money. Back to the time, people always trusted gold as it did not rust or decay which ultimately made it perfect for trading and storing wealth. Throughout the history, gold has been used in different ways, from decorating temples like Golden temple in India, and making sacred objects to crafting beautiful artworks. Today, the gold jewellery truly remains a symbol of wealth and status across most of the cultures of the world. It is used in combination with other metals as well to craft exquisite pieces of gold jewellery that are loved by every individual.

Silver jewellery has had a rich history that surely dates back to thousands of years. Ancient civilizations mostly used silver to craft beautiful pieces like jewellery, unique artefacts and different household things. In ancient Egypt, the metal silver was more valuable than gold jewellery and was mainly used for crafting royal jewellery for kings and queens. The Greeks and Romans loved silver for its beauty and durability which ultimately created elaborate jewellery pieces that showcased their craftsmanship and love for silver. During the Middle Ages, silver jewelry became even popular in Europe. Craftsmen put out new techniques, such as filigree and engraving, to enhance their creations for silver jewellery. The Renaissance period saw further innovation, with silver jewelry becoming a symbol of wealth and status among the European elite people. In the 19th century, the discovery of large silver deposits in the Americas made silver more accessible and available for the general public. This ultimately gave rise to an increase in the production of silver jewellery. Today, silver remains a popular choice for jewellery due to its timeless appeal and versatility.

Types of Gold and Silver Jewellery

The gold and silver jewellery online come in multiple types and patterns are adorned by individuals on different occasions. Here are some of the most popular types of jewelleries:

Rings: Celebrate Every Moment

The gold and silver rings are beautiful accessories that lend an elegant touch to the wearer. The rings are available in different patterns and designs which include crown ring, solitaire ring, halo ring, etc. the gold and silver rings are adorned with different gemstones like American diamonds, sapphire, ruby, emeralds, etc, that add a popup of colour to the overall metal setting.

Earrings: Every Woman’s Ethereal Dream

The gold and silver earrings are elegant and ensure that the wearer gets a glam appearance by adorning them. The earrings are available in different patterns like solitaire earrings, stud earrings, dangle earrings, drop earrings, long earrings, etc, which are decorated with different gemstones. These earrings are super gorgeous and ensure that the wearer shines with elegance when wearing them.

Necklaces: The Centrepiece of Admiration

The gold and silver necklaces are a stunning piece of accessory that accentuate the neckline of the outfits really well. These necklaces are available in multiple styles that include, some necklaces with simple pendant, chains with beautiful charms, etc. These gold and silver necklaces are perfect to be paired up with multiple outfits. They are so versatile that they can be worn on any occasion, keeping in mind the overall setting.

Bracelets: Where Tradition Meets Trend

The gold and silver bracelets have been adorned by jewellery enthusiasts since centuries now. These beautiful pieces of accessories are available in multiple designs like tennis bracelet, charm bracelet, simple chain bracelet, etc. Individuals can choose from variety of styles available, and one is sure to find their desired piece of bracelet easily. The bracelets are highly customised so individuals can get this customised as per their preference and personality.

Anklets: Poetry for Your Feet

Anklets have been popular and favourites amongst women of all ages. These beautiful jewellery pieces lend an elegant look to the wearer. They are available in different styles that include charm anklets, evil eye anklets, and many others. These anklets mix the traditional Indian beauty with modern designs that ultimately creates a beautiful blend of jewellery.

Some of the other gold and silver jewellery pieces that are available at Ornate Jewels are Mangalsutra, bangles, Men’s Rakhi, and Nose pins. These jewellery pieces are not just an ordinary piece but are the epitome of beauty and tradition.

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Ornate Jewels have adorned the different appearances of men and women since years now. The brand offers great designs of gold and 925 silver jewellery pieces that are crafted from quality materials. Each jewellery piece is crafted with utmost detail, care and love so that the first glimpse of the jewellery piece is itself enough to make you fall in love with it. Ornate Jewels, manufacturer and retailer of premium gold and 925 silver jewellery, ensures that they develop the trust of customers by providing them the Authenticity Certificate along with the purchased jewellery piece.

The gemstones used in crafting the gold and silver jewelry are of top-notch quality as they are made in the labs by the experts. Each and every gemstone has the best of clarity and cut like the naturally mined ones. Ornate Jewels also believes in supporting customers with their journey of buying a perfect jewellery piece. They help customers to choose the right jewellery as per their desires and also support them in returns and exchange if they face any kind of issue post buying the jewellery. The overall availability of the Ornate Jewels for its customers is what sets them apart from other online jewellery stores. So, next time when you plan to buy gold jewellery online or online silver jewellery pieces, consider Ornate Jewels as your one stop solution for all your jewellery needs!