What is the meaning of Infinity Jewellery

The Charm of Infinity Jewelry

The symbol of infinity is quite often found in several artefacts, whether they be modern or from the past. The symbol also stands for ‘eternity’ or ‘forever’. The infinity symbol looks like the number eight sideways, and holds deep spiritual meaning in philosophical ideologies. 

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A Brief History of the Infinity Symbol

The word ‘infinity’ is derived from the Latin word ‘infinitas’, meaning endless. The symbol has origins in the field of mathematics, because it is similar to a Roman mathematical symbol that stands for ‘many’. In terms of spirituality, the term also has connotations of harmony and balance. The two circles are interconnected at the centre, showing a unity of different forces. The meaning of infinity is both varied and focused. The word has several nuances; everlastingness, eternality, immeasurability and so on. But all of these terms are convergent in one meaning. The infinity symbol stands for higher vibrations of peace within oneself, and with the universe. 

The Connection Between the Infinity Symbol and Love

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Infinity and harmony go hand in hand with the ideas of love; notions of connection, devotion and being together, eternally forever. This is exactly why Infinity Jewelery is the perfect adornment to get for yourself, or your forever love. In several cultures such as Indian, Tibetan, and Buddhism, Hinduism and more, the infinity symbol holds a lot of value. Among some of these cultures, the infinity symbol represents the balance between masculine and feminine energies.

Considered one of the most important balances of the universe, the combination of the qualities is considered a spiritually strong mix. These energies are present in different strengths in each and every one of us. The masculine energy represents more of a rational, resolute, strength and a giving quality.


On the other hand, the feminine energy constitutes softness— an air of giving, forgiving and loving magnetism. With the two in balance, a person is considered to be their best version, in an ethereal sense. Gifting something like infinity rings is the perfect holiday gift item for your partner. Promise rings in the shape of infinity are the perfect choice for a matching present. It is an amazing way to say “we’ll be together forever”.

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The infinity symbol worn in a necklace or a bracelet represents a manifestation of perfect balance in divine energies. Hence, an infinity symbol adorns any gender identity well. Be it worn as a charming, dainty and feminine anklet or around your neck, it will be representative for harmony and balance in the chaos of your everyday life. 

Infinity in Celtic Symbolism

Like many other cultures, the Celts also have profound meanings attached to infinity. The spiritual meaning held can be interpreted literally; the curving ribbon of infinity represents a never-ending loop. This loop defines the cycle of life, and the unceasing ebb and flow of our existence. From a philosophical standpoint, the Celtics use the infinity symbol (stylised sometimes in a double infinity shape) to depict the rut of life and death. Historically, Celtic architecture has also depicted this idea through a serpent with a head and a tail, curled up in the infinity sign.

Inifinity Earrings in silver

The Perfect Boho Bauble

Bohemian style (Boho for short) is all the range right now. The style has hippie roots, mainly in America in the 70s and early 80s. Think flowing silhouettes, warm tones and light fabrics. Hippie fashion routinely includes symbolism; signs like peace, flowers, love, and the latest addition— infinity. Your mini guide to being boho chic? Think A-line maxi dresses, tunics, peasant tops, ethnic prints and flared jeans. Adding pure 925 silver jewelery crafted in infinity shapes is the perfect way to curate your boho wardrobe. 

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A reflection of unending love and romantic devotion, the infinity symbol on wedding bands is a very unique, intimate way of expressing your love. The infinity symbol in 925 sterling silver jewelry is not just restricted to romance— it is also depictive of strength and resilience. Infinity jewelry will mean something to you, it will be a marker of your courageous self. Add it to your closet and wear it on your ankle or wrist. 

Whether it be love, strength or balance, the infinity symbol is a quintessential addition to your trinket collection.