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The Best Christmas Gifts For Women

by Shelly luthra 14 Dec 2021
The Best Christmas Gifts For Women

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. As the weather gets colder, we’re starting to feel festive vibes all around us. With Christmas approaching, we’re all on the lookout for unique pieces to shop for, be it for ourselves or for our loved ones. Often, the fondest gifts are the ones that have a lot of thought and love put into them.

There’s always one guarantee; jewelry is on top of every woman’s wish list. There’s nothing a little bling can’t fix. .925 sterling silver jewelry is especially delightful to receive as a gift, at this time of year.


Pure Silver Pendant

A Wish Come True

Something about Yuletide always has a romantic air to it. Whether it’s bundling up in cashmere or the romance of the mistletoe, with gifts and wishes all around. What better time to gift your significant other some precious silver jewels, than this holiday season?

We recommend you start with 925 silver zircon earrings, the perfect and dainty accessory to make the love of your life feel like a queen.

Coupls holding hands and wearing silver ring

A little silver embellishment like this can spruce up any outfit. For a woman’s office wear wardrobe, pairing a sparkly pair of silver studs coupled with trousers and a shirt, add the perfect pop.


Under the Mistletoe

Complete your winter fairy tale by spoiling your significant other with a beautiful engagement ring this December. Imagine traveling to a winter wonderland this time of year, and popping the special question with the one of the best silver 925 solitaire engagement rings. It’s a totally unique take on the age old tradition of proving your love to one another. It’s attractive, trend-setting and easy onthe pocket. Besides, silver pairs beautifully with most outfits. This means she never has to worry about what goes and what doesn’t with her outfit; chic silver bling will always spruce up whatever she wears. Furthermore, when you go for pure silver rings to gift your queen, you’ll never worry about it matching her style. So, choose the perfect jewelry to delight your true love.

Set yourself apart with the beautiful choice of a sterling silver engagement ring for women . We recommend a pear-shaped American diamond set in silver.


The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Come holiday season, we’re always scrambling to find something cute, unique and durable as a stocking stuffer. Look no further than silver jewelry! It’s super affordable; you can buy sets of earrings, a ring, bracelet and anklet to complete the collection. This makes for a well-thought out gift that can be mixed and matched as and when the wardrobe demands it.

Switch it up for your sister, we’re sure she’d love to have a charming bauble to show off to her friends. A couple pieces of jewelry are the perfect refresher for the closet. We recommend a dainty sterling silver tennis bracelet, it’s totally on trend at the moment. If not, you can also choose for yourself from a wide variety of silver bracelets for women online, from Ornate Jewels.

Silver Bracelet

We also curate the most adorable collection of charm bracelets, our recommended staple for your jewelry rack. Go for the perfect stocking stuffer to delight the women in your life!

A Sterling Silver Secret Santa

 Our personal favourite of festive activities, a Secret Santa is always great fun; both for the giver and the receiver. For a Secret Santa with your friends or coworkers, we have the perfect gift recommendation. A pure pearl necklace pleases women young and grown alike. The perfect ladylike embellishment, a pure pearl necklace pairs well with work wear, casual wear and even party wear. Moreover, this necklace is a timeless piece. Crafted in a solitaire fashion, baguettes or even otherwise, it goes well with current trends. Wear it with a bandeau top and high waist blue flared jeans for a Y2K look, which is super fashionable right now. If you wish to go vintage, pair it with a knit cardigan in a solid colour with tapered chinos for an understated look.

Pure pearl Ring

The perfect Secret Santa gift : this trinket is both appropriate for a gift in the workplace, and even more delightful for a friend or girlfriend.

Be it silver embellishments for your love, friends or colleagues, you’re sure to find a bouquet of jewelry to explore at

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