3 Amazing Ways To Propose This Christmas - Ornate Jewels

You have found the one but you are not sure how to pop the question, we can completely understand this dilemma so here we are for you. The festive season is the best time to propose and say those magical words which you want to say for a very long time. Be creative this festive season and try to find new ways to propose your lover. Jewellery will always be the most precious gift which you can ever gift to anyone no matter their age. Jewellery creates memories and women love to wear jewellery especially when it is gifted by their loved ones. So, a piece of timeless silver jewellery will do the trick for you. Silver band rings studded will beautiful American diamonds are made to make such moments more beautiful. And we are here to help with some creative ideas which will help you in proposing this Christmas season.

Single Solitaire Ring For Her

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Propose Her At The Christmas tree

Let colors of Christmas blend with nature, let the sunset play its role and it will be the most romantic evening you will ever witness. Decorate the Christmas tree and place the shiny silver ring on top of the tree. Then after some time ask her to place the star at the top of the tree and it will be the most amazing gift which you can give it to her. Buy silver engagement rings for your partner from the Ornate Jewels to make the moment more special.

Pearl And Solitaire Band Ring In 925 Sterling Silver

Wrap The Ring In Multiple Boxes

It’s a tradition to present gifts to your loved ones at Christmas. Now you can put the silver jewelry in a small box and layer it in many other boxes. Let suspense play its role. I guess 7-8 boxes will be enough to test the patience of your partner. Watch her getting frustrated but trust us it will be the most beautiful moment which you can see on her face once she will open the last box and discover a beautiful silver ring.

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Believe In Love Silver Ring

Be Her Santa

Organize a party, call your partner, dearest, family, and friends. Dress like a Santa and idea is no one will be able to recognize you, especially your partner. Give a beautiful silver ring wrapped in a beautiful box and as soon as she opens it then take off your costume while getting down on one knee. She will definitely feel surprised. Buy a silver ring for the love of your life so that you never hear no for an answer.

Here are the 3 most amazing ideas which you can try to this festive season to surprise the love of your life and ask her to marry you. Shop for the best silver jewelry which doesn’t tarnish and remain shimmer for many years as new at a very affordable price from Ornate Jewels.