Solitaire Rings For Women

What does "solitaire" mean in a ring?Solitaire in rings is used to describe a single,...

What does "solitaire" mean in a ring?
Solitaire in rings is used to describe a single, large gemstone that sits in the center or a diamond center that draws attention and is the main attraction of this kind of ring design. Such precious diamond pieces are usually set high upon the ring in a basket setting with metal prongs holding them securely.
Solitaire rings date back centuries, with their first appearance in Europe sometime during the 18th century. These were initially used mainly as engagement and marriage rings due to their unique silhouette of one diamond towering above all others, which has lasted through many trends until now, making it a classic, timeless piece amongst jewelry wearers today.
Why buy a solitaire ring for women?
Selecting a solitaire ring is an excellent decision because it exudes age-old elegance and sophistication, and you always have the option to adjust its carat or size according to your preference and budget.
Why are solitaire rings expensive?
Solitaire rings are usually more expensive because they contain a single, sizeable diamond or gemstone set within their center in a manner that displays the stone’s natural beauty without compromising on its cut or quality. Also, depending upon their carat weight, metal type, and other factors associated with the ring design, it can further increase their cost in order to achieve an awesome ring design that is asthetically pleasing as well.
Why buy American diamond solitaire rings?
American diamond solitaire rings are an excellent choice when searching for a special piece of jewelry. They provide remarkable sparkle and shine at an affordable price, making them the perfect way to add that extra bit of shimmer to any look or gift. Additionally, they make timeless gifts due to their unique design and quality craftsmanship.
How are Ornatejewels solitaire rings different from other brands?
We use only AAA-grade American diamonds that look like diamonds, giving you the high-quality look of a diamond stone at a low price. Solitaire rings are the number one choice of couples for engagement rings and wedding rings.
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We offer a variety of solitaire ring designs for women that are perfect for an engagement ring for a girl, a proposal ring, or a ring for a girlfriend. Each piece is made with pure 925 silver that won't turn black. Our stylish and timeless designs are set with AAA-grade American diamonds in the center and can be worn as symbolic tokens of love or friendship.

Our 4 Carat solitaire ring for women is the bestselling engagement ring, we have proposal rings that you can choose from or heartfelt gifts for girlfriends on the occasion of a date night to commemorate an important milestone. Each piece is meticulously crafted using pure 925 silver, ensuring it won't tarnish over time. Our stylish and timeless designs feature AAA-grade American diamonds at the centre, that look like diamonds. An everlasting wish to own  a diamond ring every women has is fulfilled with our CZ solitaire ring .making them both appealing and durable symbols of love and friendship.

Our flower-style solitaire rings boast intricate shiny petals encircling the dazzling centre stone. Heart-shaped design solitaire rings symbolize love and romance, making them perfect for meaningful occasions. Band design solitaire rings offer a sleek and sophisticated look, emphasizing the brilliance of the single stone. For a touch of opulence, the double halo design ring showcases the centre gemstone surrounded by two sparkling halos, exuding appeal. Each unique design adds a special charm to these timeless pieces of jewellery.

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