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We all want a look that just brings the attention of everyone. Don’t we? Especially women, as they love fashion too much and are the reason why the fashion world is running for so many years. Speaking of timeless jewellery pieces, Diamonds are considered to be the BFF of a woman. But this jewellery item cost a lot on the pocket of the buyer. That is why people associated with the fashion world found the need for jewellery pieces which give the exact vibes of Diamond and are also cheaper in rate. This gave birth to one of the most trending accessories for women called cubic zirconias also known as American Diamonds. There is a huge variety of options available in American diamond jewellery such as American diamond earrings, American diamond ring etc. You can assemble American diamond with any of your outfits.

This blog is penned down to tell you about some of the best alternatives of American diamonds. Read below!

1. American Diamonds (Cubic Zirconias):

If you are a woman who likes to stick on her budget but still want to go big on her jewellery, then American Diamonds are just so perfect for you. This alternative of diamond has won the hearts of every woman over the years, and that is why we suggest you to pick some of the most stylish, classy and trending pieces of American Diamonds from Ornate Jewels.

The ability of cubic zirconias to imitate the look of real diamonds has made many people, mainly women, choose to buy american diamond earrings, american diamond rings online and more. Here are a few ravishing American diamond jewellery pieces which you can think of buying without having to fork over half her paycheck to get it.


FIVE STONE CLIMBER EARRINGS FOR HER IN 925 SILVER– Get your hands on these beautiful, elegant and extremely attractive American Diamond climber design earrings. Crafted in anti-tarnish 925 sterling silver, this pair of earrings can take your fashion to new heights in just a few seconds.


AMERICAN DIAMOND SPIRAL RING IN 925 SILVER– We are sure that you haven’t seen a ring design like this ever. You can only get it from Ornate Jewels. Crafted in 925 anti-tarnish sterling silver, buy this delicate spiral American diamond ring which sits perfectly on your finger with four round stones in between. Its unique design makes it irresistible and an eye-catching piece. Buy this piece of jewellery before it sells out. Make a style statement with this gorgeous piece of the ring and add sparkle to your outfit.

2. Swarovski Crystals:

Other than cubic zirconias aka American Diamond, the “Swarovski Crystal” has certainly stood out in the ever-changing fashion trends in terms of both look and quality. First invented in Austria in 1892, these crystals are completely safe to wear and have established itself as a brand in the fashion world. Many famous fashion brands like Dior, Christian Louboutin, and Chanel have incorporated Swarovski Crystals in their products.

Believe it or not, but Swarovski Crystals creates their beautiful shimmer and shine just like real diamonds. Those who are interested in finding pieces that can imitate the look of colored diamonds, can buy these shining crystals. Add a “”wow” factor to your Little Black Dress by wearing any of the jewellery pieces made with Swarovski Crystals.

3. Roman Glass:

Last but not the least, the third name in the category of imitation of real diamond jewellery is “Roamn Glass”. Made from hundreds of tiny pieces of glass, which are also pieces of history, this jewellery item comes from Israel. You can now find Roman Glass jewellery including rings, necklaces, brooches, and earrings from any of the online jewellery stores. If you like unique jewellery pieces, then you’ll love the kind of impact Roman Glass makes.


We hope that this blog will inspire you to put down the diamonds and pick up one of these 3 stunning alternatives to diamonds instead. They are not just in your budget but are high in quality as well. Keep checking the website of Ornatejewels to access our newest products in the category of American Diamonds including American diamond earrings, American diamond ring etc.