3 Way to Style Gemstone Jewellery - Ornate Jewels

Gemstone Jewellery is among the best jewellery to have in your wardrobe. The shiny pieces when blended with different metals especially with silver provides an ultimate compliment to your look. These gemstones are there to enhance your personality along with giving you an appealing look. But it is also important at the same time to know how to style the gemstone jewellery, so you can maintain continuity in your dressing sense. We have compiled a few fun ways to style up your gemstone jewellery for a better look.

Look for Classic Piece

The beauty of wearing classic pieces is able to maintain your standard along with any outfit you want. You can start with a classic gemstone such as a bracelet, solitaire rings, or even a necklace and pair it with your favourite, everyday outfit. if you have opted for a drop necklace then consider wearing it with a V-neck dress or blouse. So, your attire can showcase your favourite piece.

Before buying the jewellery also ensure that it gemstone is not fading away into the background. For instance, a pair of jeans with a plain T-shirt paired with silver gemstone crusted hoops or a black cocktail dress with an updo that will showcase your hooped earrings.

Dress up a Basic Outfit with Bold Gemstone Jewellery

A perfect outfit and scintillating gemstone jewellery piece can do wonders for you. Play with quirk designs and colors to create a visually appealing and full of color and texture, while maintaining elegance and class. For instance, a pair of blue & white tee with a chunky gemstone necklace or your little black dress with a bold pendant necklace can really spice up your look. If you are looking for the jewellery described above then you buy silver pendants online from the one of the most prestigious online stores, Ornate Jewels.

Use Color to Add a Theme to Your Outfit

Use colorful gemstones jewellery to showcase your personality. We all know that gemstones jewellery can be intimidating and it is also worn by people for good luck. So if you have an important meeting coming up, consider wearing red gemstone jewellery. If you are making a new start in your life, wear a green gemstone piece to help promote growth and vitality. Feeling joyful, then yellow earrings awaits you.

Pearls are among the few jewellery pieces which are an evergreen piece. American diamond and pearls can make a classic combination. Pairing pearls with American diamonds is like adding a touch of both softness and delicacy to the jewellery. Similarly, a gemstone bracelet dotted with a few pearls will definitely be a show stopper.

These are among the few ways by which you can style your gemstone jewellery with other jewellery pieces or outfits. If you don’t have any gemstone jewellery, then trust us you are missing out on a big time. However, it’s never late to buy a new jewellery piece and if you have no idea from where to start then Ornatejewels is there to help you find just the right piece as per your looks and personality.