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Having ambiguity between pure silver and 925 silver is nothing new. Certainly, there lies a bigger question of parity between the two metals that have been raising questions in the mind of people. But to their notice, nowadays 925 sterling silver is said to be much durable than any other form. Although it is not purely silver it is rather a combination of 92.5% of pure one that is further combined with 7.5% of other heavy and sturdy metals.

This combination is a trailblazer today as you get to see more design options, fixing of other gems and most importantly, a hike in the durability of the metal. Together the combination gives rise to a plethora of delicate jewellery that is hard to be found in simply silver.

How To Differentiate Between Pure And Fake 925 Sterling Silver?

Calculating the gentility of sterling silver Jewellery is extremely essential to avoid any sorts of future resentments. A fault, in the beginning, can harm in the long term as you will have to face degraded jewellery or end up regretting on your investment. So, here are some tips to escape all these theories.

Check The Oxidizing Tendency

One of the quickest ways to check the purity of 925 sterling silver is knowing its tendency of oxidization. For this, you can gently rub a cotton cloth over a small portion of the silver jewellery. If you get to see small black spots on the silver, then you can conclude that you have made the right choice. You can try it over Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Ring In 925 Silver that is broad with design and complete an epitome of 925 silver.

silver ring
silver ring

On the other hand, if the Silver ring stays unaffected on being wiped with cotton, then you surely have to doubt whether it will stay the same or not!

Check The Mark On The Jewelry

Another better way to check the originality of the 925 sterling silver as and when is through identifying the official mark on the ornament. The commonly known symbols to identify the same are “925” and “S925”.

If you examine it thoroughly then you may get to see it inside and behind the jewel. This indicates that 92.5% of silver is ideally present in the ornament. Absence of this seal on the jewel is worth questioning. 

Check Through A Magnet

As we all have been studying in physics, a magnet attracts metal with just a click. So, this can help you in testing whether it is silver or metal. Silver, gold and platinum are non-ferrous and thus not prone to getting attracted to a magnet.

If your jewel gets closer to the magnet then you can certainly conclude it to be a metal that is all polished in lustre. While the 925 sterling jewellery is a clear escape to it.

Check With Nitric Acid

Nitric acid is quite a dangerous chemical and it is advisable to use it only when you have to compulsorily test it. For this, you can pour a small drop on the 925 silver jewels. If it is completely pure then the silver will turn into cream colour.

On the other hand, a fake material like blends of silver-plated items or low-quality silver will turn green. Hence, the results are right in front of you!

Do The Smell Test

925 Sterling silver is completely smell-free. It neither gives any fragrance nor any odour. If your jewel gives foul smell after usage then it is more likely to have the presence of copper in it. In fact, copper presence also gives a distinctive smell that can help you in identifying the traits.

silver necklace
Silver Necklace

These are some of the ways that will surely get you to the purest forms of 925 sterling silver jewellery to flaunt for decades. Necklaces like 925 Silver Cubic Zirconia Infinity And Heart Necklace, earrings like American Diamond 925 Silver Long Earrings For Her are few such examples to show how this silver metal can take every form for presentable ornamentation. Find your ideal style statement today!

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