How to Accessorize Silver Jhumkas with Anarkali Suits - Ornate Jewels

The most beloved ethnic wear since ages for Indian women has been undoubtedly an Anarkali. The majestic attire that Anarkali is, can make you feel like a princess in an instant and without a doubt can enhance your beauty. Want to be on the spotlight? Team up your designer Anarkali on the upcoming wedding or family function with matching silver jewellery to make a statement. In order to make that favourite Anarkali dress of yours appear much more magnificent, you definitely need to explore some gorgeous jewellery too! So, to make a marvelous style statement with Anarkali, read ahead for some silver jewellery styling tips that can make you look way more gorgeous:

Sita Silver Jhumka Earrings

The most versatile accessory that can complement any Anarkali suit is a pair of earrings. Earrings are one gorgeous accessory without which no Anarkali can ever look beautiful. Well, while you are on a hunt for the perfect pair of Silver Jhumka earrings for your new designer Anarkali dress, let us tell you, there are so many options! So, you can buy as many pairs as you want, without guilt to introduce some fresh pieces in your bijouterie box.

The first ones are those gorgeous, traditional silver jhumkas that can instantly accentuate your entire outfit with the blink of an eye. For that conventional elegance and beauty, a pair of pure silver jhumkas are a perfect choice. To pull off a designer Anarkali dress with heavy work, team it with a pair of plain silver or golden jhumkas. You can even go for jhumkas studded with colourful stones to pop some colour if your Anarkali dress is simple and plain. For a plain Anarkali, you can also go for the pearl-studded jhumkas that can create an exquisite fusion.

Solitaire Silver Jhumka Earrings

Yet another option in earrings that can be excellently combined with an Anarkali suit is a pair of teardrop earrings. The teardrop or dewdrop earrings look dazzling and can be effortlessly paired with the attire. Apart from adding that sophistication to your looks, these earrings also add a hint of glamour. Be it an informal occasion like your bestie’s sangeet, mehndi or a formal event like a business conference, teardrop earrings can be styled with any given outfit. So, while you wear that favourite Anarkali dress of yours and confused about how to accessorize it without going overboard, go for a pair of teardrop earrings. They can perfectly give you a face-lift when you make sure to pair them in a right manner with your dress.

Rani Silver Jhumka Earrings

You can get limitless styles while you buy teardrops or silver jhumkas online. Just browse through your favourite jewellery stores online and keep on adding new styles for your ever-changing wardrobe. But while you try to keep up with the trends, also add a few timeless and versatile pieces in your collection.