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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the excitement level of couples is on the seventh cloud. Most of you have decided what to gift each other as a token of love on this special day. But most importantly what for ladies the first priority is the right kind of jewellery and outfit they going to wear to woo their partner. Be mindful while selecting the jewellery as it can either make your look or break it. If you want to know what kind of necklace compliments what kind of neckline, then buy a silver necklace or buy silver pendants online. Every woman owns a dress that has a different neckline, which makes it even more difficult to find a perfect necklace to pair with them. Once you know how to pair necklaces with necklines, you can accentuate the beauty of your outfit. Bring your necklines into perfect harmony with the necklaces and pack more power into your appearance.

The neckline of your outfit is the key to choose certain types of necklaces. Mentioned below are the types of necklaces as per the type of neckline of your Valentine’s Day outfit.

1. V-Neckline:

Such types of necklines draw the attention to your chest, so choose your necklace wisely. Inverted triangle or more angular necklaces are best suited for V-necklines. Try to avoid pendants with long-chain length. Instead, buy a silver necklace with pointed ends!

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2. Asymmetrical Neckline:

If you are wearing a one-shoulder dress or top, buy silver pendants online with an asymmetrical shape which compliments your outfit.

3. Square Neckline:

For a neckline like this, the most appropriate necklace is an angular pendant. Don’t make the mistake of wearing a square pendant with the square neckline as you’ll end up looking like a box. Also, skip wearing a pendant with a too-long chain if you are a short height person.

4. Strapless:

The best-suited necklaces to go with strapless outfits are the neck hugging ones like a choker or a chain bracelet. But if already have a shorter length pendant in your jewellery box, then you can pair it up with your strapless and bring attention to your collar bone.

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5. Halter:

Short pendant necklaces with curvy or sharp ends can be a lovely accompaniment for halter neck dresses and tops. But the best jewellery piece to wear with halter neck dresses is not a necklace, but earrings like studs. If you still want to draw attention away from your chest then wear a choker instead of long necklaces.

6. Turtlenecks:

Turtlenecks are very much in trend in winters, but it is very tricky to team up a necklace with these types of outfits. Opt for medium or long-chain necklaces or buy silver necklace as there is no point in wearing a choker. You can layer up the necklaces to create a more impactful look.

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7. Scoop:

The goal is to bring attention to your collar bone or neckline, so buy silver pendants online. Scoop necklines are broad, so it’s better to fill it up with voluminous necklaces made of stones or soft necklaces like a pearl.

Pick any one suitable jewellery piece as per the shape of your neckline this Valentine’s Day and add an oomph factor to your look.

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