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How To Add Length To Your Necklace ?

by Sonali Jain 25 Nov 2021
How To Add Length To Your Necklace ?

Hey lovely People


Let me tell you a quick and easy way to make your necklace longer. There have been many times for me to wear a Silver chain with a black dress, but I wasn't satisfied with the length. Here's how you can add length to ANY neckpiece without thinking too hard.

Necklace Extension using safety pin


To make your neckwear longer, you will need:

- A jewel of your choice 

- A hair band, preferably a skin-toned nude color 

- A pair of scissors or tweezers 

Thread the hair band through the link end and not the clasp end of your pure 925 silver necklace, see the image below for a better understanding. Use something pointy like scissors or tweezers to push it through.


Necklace extension using Rubber band


Once you have pushed it through loop the hair tie through itself and pull it tight so that it does not open . Now attach a clasp to the hair tie and you have a longer neck piece.

You can make it longer by looping through several hair ties within each other.  Take your neck jewellery, open the clasp and let the safety pin laced to one end. Repeat the same procedure to the other end. To extend the length, add two more (or three more) pins until you reach the desired length. Another fashionable trick is to add a matching bracelet to your pure silver chain. Even an anklet, if it's pure silver, works well here. Just hook the corresponding clasps on each open end and you're ready to go. Adding a pure silver tennis bracelet is one of my favorite ways to wear it. 

I loop it through my silver neck jewellery and it adds a nice touch.


Buy an extra chain link

For anyone who extends their necklaces often and wants to have a safe option that's always handy, buy a piece of link chain. This should be about 4" long so you can get that much extra length. You can also add some old broken chains to obtain the length you desire.

Using transparent thread or silver or gold wire- There is a fishing thread that is strong yet very thin, transparent, and it can be matched with silk thread or even wire to match the color of your jewels.


Before and after image comparision of extension using hack 

The team at ornate jewels hopes you enjoyed reading these helpful tips. Stay tuned and we will keep bringing you awesome jewellery tips

Thank you for reading 

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