A guide how to carry your jewellery for hassle free vacation

Traveling with valuable jewels  can be a hassle, with silver necklaces getting tangled, and pairs of silver earrings getting lost. To make your travel easy, it's important to carefully select minimalistic silver jewelry that can be paired with all kinds of attire. Silver jewellery when studded with American diamonds, looks like white gold and diamonds, hence making it the safest option for traveling with your valuables. You can base your selection on the outfits you plan to wear or choose a few versatile accessories that work with any kind of outfit.

Silver jewellery for summer holidays

Here's what we suggest: What jewelry should I take on holiday?

Always keep it minimal- You may be tempted to take a variety of jewelry items  with you, but hold that thought and stick to a few versatile pure silver jewelry pieces that can be worn from day to night and work for every style, so you can easily go from a beach look to an evening glam and sparkle.

Don’t carry valuable jewels- Leave your temptation at home with your expensive trinkets in diamonds and gold instead . When in doubt, ask yourself, "If you lose these pieces, will you be able to accept that loss?" Instead, carry the Ornatejewels Party cocktail ring for women for night outs or a romantic dinner date. Our diamond look solitaire rings for women will just do the trick to add to your resort-wear looks. If you love wearing diamond rings, consider traveling with our ISHKI diamond look American diamond jewelry for women. When studded in pure silver, they look like white gold and diamonds. Leave your expensive and irreplaceable rings at home . Select from a range of silver rings for women online at our store . We strongly recommend our solitaire ring collection for women.

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When traveling with jewellery please follow these easy tips: 

  1. Carry these fine silver rings in a jewelry box or pouch.
  2. If carrying expensive jewelry, wear it on you during the journey. 
  3. Always store your jewelry in safe deposit boxes at hotels. 
  4. Pack your jewelry in your carry on bag and not in your checked luggage. 

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Ornate Jewels: Top Tips

  1. Buy a good, light-weight jewelry box, store your diamond and gemstone jewelry away from each other in small individual plastic bags to avoid damage from rubbing with each other.
  2. Choose versatile pieces that can be used with several of your outfits.
  3. Take stock of what you are carrying. Maybe make a list of places to take pictures and videos . This helps in filling out insurance claims if ever needed.
  4. Buy insurance for expensive jewelry. This is helpful when traveling abroad with valuables. It's prudent to have the right insurance coverage for loss or theft while traveling. 
  5.  Don’t check in your jewelry with your checked baggage ever. Always carry it with you, either on your person, in your handbag, or safely locked in your carry-on.
  6. Always store your valuable jewelry in the safe in your hotel room. If you are traveling with jewels of high value, you should always store them in a safe.
  7. Be aware. We recommend wearing your necklaces inside your shirt and turning your solitaire and diamond rings towards the inside of your hand. 

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In view of the above information, we strongly suggest that you buy pure silver jewelry that will be useful for daily wear during your travels and in your daily life. Our silver rings, silver anklets, and silver earrings for women are lightweight and fashionable. They come in a secure gift box, making it easy for you to travel with them. The diamond-like look of American diamonds will be your best friend on your travels. Choose from our solitaire earrings if you are a sparkle lover, or for a  more classy look, go for our pearl jewelry collection.

Happy and safe travels,  

Ornatejewels Team