International Women’s Day: Perfect Jewellery Gift Ideas - Ornate Jewels

There’s nothing wrong with saying that women are one of god’s best creations. Women bring peace, harmony and happiness in the society and the kind of love that every woman gives is unconditional. Well, every day is a women’s day but to make it even more special, “International Women’s Day” is celebrated all across the globe on 8th March. Ornate Jewels is an online jewellery store that sells jewellery manufactured using the latest technology and skilled artisans assuring high quality. Buy American diamond jewellery online which is crafted with 925 sterling silver jewellery and with utmost precision.

Don’t wait for your man to pamper you. Celebrate your existence because you are a Super Woman. Consider the adjectives like fun-loving, dark-skinned, fair-skinned, thin, fat, short etc. to pick up a jewellery piece for yourself this Women’s Day. This blog features enchanting jewellery ideas for International Women’s Day 2020 to celebrate womanhood.

1. Long American Diamond Earrings:


How about showering love in your earrings? buy American diamond jewellery online from Ornate jewels. Long American diamond earrings are very much in trend. They don’t just go with any of the outfits but are affordable too. This pair of “AMERICAN DIAMOND DANGLE LONG EARRINGS IN 925 SILVER” from Ornate jewels are crafted with 925 sterling silver jewellery. These long American diamond earrings are a great accessory to add on to your own sparkle.

2. American Diamond Necklace set:


Necklace with earrings set is also a good option to gift yourself on this women’s day. You can bold with the American diamond necklace set with royal designs. The “MAYA CUSHION CUT AMERICAN DIAMOND NECKLACE SET WITH EARRINGS” has a cushion-cut American Diamond center surrounded by a halo of American Diamonds. You can wear this piece of jewellery for the whole year as it won’t get tarnished. The pendant sets are elegant, therefore wearing this will make you stand out from other shiny stuff.

3. American Diamond Bracelets or Chain Bracelets:

American Diamond Single Line Bracelet Add beauty to your hands with this simple design “AMERICAN DIAMOND SINGLE LINE BRACELET” which goes well with any of the outfits. This bracelet can be adjusted on your wrist as it has 1.25” of links. Also, it is crafted with 925 sterling silver jewellery and is hypoallergenic.

4. Statement stone-studded Rings:

Elegante Emerald Ring In 925 Silver

Team up this ELEGANTE EMERALD RING IN 925 SILVER along with your long American diamond earrings. Bring out that princess in you by wearing this elegantly created Emerald and American diamond. Crafted in 925 sterling silver jewellery, this ring will enhance the beauty of your outfit.

You can buy any of the jewellery pieces of American diamond jewellery online from Ornate jewels collection.