In this section we will be interviewing Mrs Shelly founder of Ornate Jewels. She belongs to work class family and has travelled almost for 15 years. She is a mother of beautiful daughter and a dog lover.In her journey she has learnt a lot about women empowerment and their contributions towards society. The creation of ornate jewels was her idea that flourished when she travelled and saw the choices of jewellery women always wanted.

How would you describe yourself. 

I would like to describe myself as a woman who doesn’t stop. I am always on the move. Looking for the solution and are a firm believer that if others can do it so can I. I am hard worker and have a great capability of multitasking; I think that comes naturally to women. My Mantra is there is No shortcut to success. 

Tell us about Ornate Jewels. And idea behind it’s creation. 

Ornatejewels is a vertically integrated company the only kind, in India where from concept to design to the end product, everything is done in house and that’s why we are able to keep our prices lowest always. Each Ornate Jewels piece is made with purest fine 925 silver and has a special coating on silver so it doesn’t turn black. The whole idea behind ornate jewels is to make affordable yet luxury jewels for the masses. I wanted to create a brand; I wanted to create jewelry that looks like million bucks but is very inexpensive yet precious so it can be worn daily for years to come. We at ornate create wearable designs so the women can wear them instead of hoarding them in lockers which generally happens with gold jewelry. 

As we know that every business go through some bottleneck situations how would you describe your journey and challenges faced during the creation of your venture. 

The major challenge was to find good resources in terms of website development, Product shoots. We had to struggle  with various agencies who will charge the money but wont deliver. People have taken advances from me and never turned back. The major challenge is to hire the right team who understands your vision and runs with it. It’s very difficult to find the right talent. Logistics is another big issue with Ecommerce but slowly we are overcoming it .

What are some specialities of Ornate Jewels and what products are more in demand. How different is Ornate Jewels? Describe jewelry styles at Ornate Jewels. 

Our jewelry is allergy free it’s even safe for people to wear who can’t wear any metal. Our USP is our American Diamond jewellery has been created to give the look of real diamonds. Most of the women like to wear diamonds but their price is a big issue for them to be able to buy, hence our American diamonds collection is our biggest hit. Men buy our solitaire rings for their wives and fiancé’s. We sell a lot of rings and earrings.  The daily wear studs and simple designs sell fast as they are the kind of designs one can wear on daily basis. Its especially popular among the working women.

What advice you have for those who are willing to get into such business.

Anyone thinking of coming in the jewellery line or rather any business should keep one thing in mind that quality is the only thing that matters. We need to give our customers a good quality product, which should be value for their money. Its fair that a person who is spending should be getting what they paid for. Standing behind your brand, your product is the imperative thing. A happy satisfied customer is more important than sales numbers.