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Ornate Jewels – Celebrating the Six-Year Anniversary

by Muhammad Sajid 11 Aug 2023
Ornate jewels turns 6th

Rising from the ashes as a magnificent phoenix, Ornate Jewels is soaring high to claim its rightful place as a beacon in the affordable luxury sector. A vertically integrated company that crafts finest and designer 925 silver jewelry in house, from its conception to final manufacture, Ornate Jewels provides its customers with the best quality and reliable service when it comes to jewelry. Success rarely comes easy, and this maxim stands true for this brand as well. Founded by businesswoman Shelly Luthra, the brand has today grown to be one of the most well recognized and praised fine silver jewelry brands in India.

The Spring of New Beginnings

Shelly Luthra - Founder & CEO of Ornate Jewels

 During her time in the United States, Shelly encountered a different attitude towards jewelry women there did not regard the act of buying jewelry as a momentous occasion, contrary to how it is perceived in India, and had handy pieces for both daily wear and special events. Jewelry was an easier purchase with them, almost with a click they could order and relish it. Inspired by this, when she returned to India, she set up Ornate Jewels with a focus on presenting intricately crafted 925 silver jewelry for both men and women, including silver rings and bracelets. The brand aimed to make exceptional yet affordable jewelry, differing from other market offerings.

Testy Trials in the Silver Jewelry Industry

American Diamond Solitaire ring

Founding an original and new business is no easy task, especially in an already cluttered market like India. This difficulty is heightened by the fact that here, jewelry is still perceived as an extravagant and expensive accessory. In such a backdrop, Ornate Jewels managed to carve a trusted and highly regarded place for itself, all through the efforts of its founder Shelly Luthra and the dependable team she formed. The lack of professionalism posed a primary problem, leading to obstacles like finding a reliable website designer and facing financial setbacks.

925 Silver American diamond Necklace

One of the exceptional and extraordinary elements of this brand is the fact that everything is done in-house, from designing to crafting and packaging. All these make the whole business even more complex, but, supported by her team, the visionary behind Ornate Jewels braved through with an indomitable will. Taking a grounded and strong approach, Shelly worked tirelessly to establish her brand, from the most basic requirements such as stationery, vendors, packaging and office space, to the more technical aspects such as market collaborations, advertisements and logistics.

The Vision Behind Ornate Jewels

American Diamond rings in pure 925 Sterling Silver


Before being an entrepreneur, Shelly considers herself a woman and a mother, and understands the important role that jewelry plays in Indian culture. Keeping these traditional values in mind, her focus on crafting elegant, graceful yet distinct and creatively rejuvenating fine silver jewelry, that is affordable and easily accessible, forms the foundation of Ornate Jewels. Quality takes precedence in the jewelry business, and this company stands out among its competitors by crafting fine and flawless 925 silver jewelry in-house, while keeping it within budget. With a wish to make the act of buying luxurious jewelry free from all the budgeting and planning, the brand provides designs that easily match different outfits and attires. The brand’s vision can be aptly summed up as providing “Affordable Luxury.”

6 Silver Years of Glittering Accomplishments

Silver Solitaire American diamond Ring

From humble beginnings in a single room, the brand has today grown to include its own manufacturing unit and more than fifty employees. Its dedication towards freshness, quality and reliability with regard to the product soon led Ornate Jewels to become the brand of choice for customers throughout the country – a fact that was helped by personalized packaging and a promise of trust. The brand's hard work was recognized when Ms. Luthra was featured in Forbes as one of the top women entrepreneurs in India. With more than a hundred thousand customers all across India, ranging from young adults and brides to even retired women and grandmothers, its market reach currently makes it one of the most in-demand jewelry companies of the country. Numerous client testimonials and reviews of acclaim attest to the consistent and trustworthy quality of the brand, and it stands strong as one of the primary 925 silver jewelry businesses of India.

Looking Towards a Dazzling Future

Buy 925 Sterling Silver rings from ornate Jewels

Ornate Jewels remains focused on providing easily available and affordable fine silver jewelry that is both reliable and durable, weathering through the demands of the current lifestyle and professional landscape. Its sustainable and ethical jewelry is already groundbreaking, and the brand constantly focuses on improvement and originality. As the horizon expands, Ornate Jewels sets its sights on gold jewelry, promising to unveil a treasure trove of opulence and elegance. Through new collaborations, the brand seeks to redefine the very essence of adornment, breathing life into every piece and making every moment unforgettable. Although it already is a highly regarded and recommended brand, Ornate Jewels aims to be the one-stop destination in India for all things related to jewelry, and it is with dedication and determination that it strides towards this goal.

A Glorious Legacy of Fine Silver Jewelry

Our Ornate Family

In this extraordinary odyssey of six years, Ornate Jewels emerged triumphant, painting a vivid tapestry of honesty and transparency for its cherished customers. With the processes of manufacturing and retailing all being done at the ground level itself, Ornate Jewels has risen as a unique and trustworthy fine silver jewelry brand that prioritizes high quality and customer satisfaction. The flames of hope and persistence, kindled by founder Shelly Luthra, spread like wildfire, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of customers, employees, and well-wishers alike, and her humble gratitude extends to all who made this dream come true – the support of her family and friends, the dependability of her co-workers and employees, and also to her customers who put their faith in her and made this incredible journey worthwhile. Ornate Jewels invites customers old and new to join this celebration with joy, and move forward towards a dazzling and delightful future together!

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