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Silver Jewellery makes the Best Rakhi Gift for Sister

by Shelly luthra 20 Nov 2020
Silver Jewellery makes the Best Rakhi Gift for Sister - Ornate Jewels

Rakhsha Bandhan – A festival having the essence of siblings love!
Raksha Bandhan permeates a dynamic soul into a bond of a brother and sister by inculcating a festive feel in its celebration. It is rightly proved that love and care mutually shared by brothers and sisters can give a tough fight to any other stronger relationships existing this world. They are long-lasting companions and each other’s bosom friends who vow to never leave each other no matter what happens.

Even westernization wave and globalization have dominated over the Indian land, the people have not forgotten to celebrate this holy festival with due diligence with every religious custom being followed in a proper manner. Such is the beauty of this amazing festival that makes every sibling’s heart pound with immense happiness and ebullience with its arrival marking in calendars.

Best Rakhi Gift for Sister

This festival talks of perpetual love and endearment shared between the siblings and celebrate this bond through a sacred thread of Rakhi which reinforces it even more.

With sisters offering prayers to Lord to shower blessing on their brothers with good health, wealth, and long lives, while brother, on the other hand, give an unbroken promise of protecting and guiding their sisters, As gifting has become a common phenomenon in the celebration of Raksha Bandhan Festival, Rakhi gifts for sisters and brother constitute an essential part in the celebrations.

With a rush of attractive Rakhi gifts in markets, there is a wave of extreme eagerness among brothers who are looking for elegant Rakhi Gifts for their beautiful sisters.

Jewellery is that accessory that takes the style and looks to a next level by sprinkling the additional touch of feminine grace.

Explore the spectacular array of Ornate Jewellery for your sisters which can be picked up this Rakhi season for sisters who are priceless and holds a special place in brothers’ hearts. Gleamed with fine quality of silver jewellery, these ornaments for sisters will surely steal the show this upcoming Raksha Bandhan 2020.

1). Jewellery Rings

ring for sister

Ornaments are always in fashion, the size and shape of the jewellery or the stone keep on evolving. A ring fashion is always in demand. It is something your sister can rely on are the Rings. But it is very essential to get them. At Ornate Jewels, there is a wide collection of rings you can gift your sisters and delight their day. All the designs are unique and forms of silver 925 jewellery. With more than 500 plus ring designs, we have rings for your beloved sisters which are precariously crafted keeping the comfort and lifestyle in mind of today’s women. Be it American diamond ring, Coloured Gemstone rings, Pearl Rings, Sapphire Rings, we make comfort fir rings which can be worn on daily purpose time and our top quality silver would not turn black. For the party needs,   you can gift her cocktail rings, that will make a quite impressive style statement.

A pure real pearl freshwater ring will make her hand look pretty.

2). Earrings

earring for sister

Nothing can beat the happiness of a sister after wearing her favourite earrings gifted by her brother. That bright glow that comes on her face by wearing those pearls or diamonds is not observed in any other thing. Nobody can deny that fact that a fine and beautiful set of silver earrings completes a woman. Earrings are that vital accessory that every sister adores. A sister’s eternal love for earrings cannot be put into simple words after being gifted by her brother as a token of love and respect.

Silver Stud earring, Silver Hoop, or be it silver ear climbers, silver pearl earrings, or Silver Chandelier earring, your sister would love them all. These earrings pair up very well either with long gowns, party wear or formal outfit. Gift her the best earring that suits her face shape.

3).  Necklaces

Nackles for sister
Necklaces have come into fashion. These necklaces go very well clothing, jewellery and makeup. You can gift your sister necklaces that are encrusted with diamonds and pearls coated with pure silver 925.

Designed and created by our artisans, this American Diamond necklace, emerald necklace, stone in motion, 18-carat gold plated necklace, are part of our edgy renaissance collection. Your sister would love the variety range from a single stone, or flower design.

4). Bracelets

Braclet for sister
Bracelets hold an important part of a sister’s jewellery collection. These are preferred by nearly every sister as they area timeless ornament that takes the dress appears to a new look. Gifting them these silver bracelets beautify your sisters’ wrists at any event, celebration, festival. It adds a unique touch of beauty, and attraction to any outfit.

Explore the latest and unique collection now and present your sisters these silver ornaments this Rakhi in a jiffy with us.

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