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It is obvious to our loved ones that they will receive a gift from us, but what can make a gift special is the way we present it. Anticipation makes receiving a gift a rewarding experience. Your loved ones are likely to remember the moments and recall them as one of the sweetest memories of their life. Just buying a gift is not enough, by present it in a unique manner you can manage to win the heart of your loved ones. All it takes is a little planning and conspiring with your pets and family members(something cleaning your home and searching for those secret places!).

At Ornate Jewels, we have a special New Year’s collection that will sparkle the life of the person whom you will gift. Buy American diamond jewellery and send it to your loved ones and make the moment immortal.

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Without further ado, let’s dive in the five tips where you can hide jewellery gifts and surprise the person you love the most –

1. Revisiting Your Past – Going down the memory lane is totally allowed with gifts. Is there a place in your house where you had one of the best times of your life? Maybe the day your wife told you about having a baby or when your son took his first step in the hallway. By reviving those moments, you experience the same feelings you had for each other at that time. If it is your daughter who you are presenting a jewellery gift, maybe the playground or a garden is a better place. She will remember the early days as a toddler when you brought her, her first cycle or gave her a toy she has treasured forever. Some people spend less time at home and thus, have no special corners. In this case, you might have a location in the city (a restaurant you frequented to, a game zone you often go, or a tourist spot, etc.).

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2. Awkward Packing – This trick always works. Normally you will always receive jewellery beautifully wrapped in a jewellery box with ribbons and the name of giftee, the other way out add more fun to it. Find a box in extra-large size. Buy a boring gift your loved ones have received a lot of times. For housewives, kitchen utensils are a great idea because they often stock extra for occasional guests, whereas a diary for working women. Now, put the jewellery inside the fake gift to deceive your loved ones. At first, they will feel dejected to receive the same present the second time. This disappointment will pave the way to the exhilarating happiness that will fill their hearts when the jewellery slipped out of the first gift.

3.  Employee Gifter – On normal days, it would be you who will hand the gift to your loved one. When someone else giving it on your behalf, it comes as a pleasant surprise. It can be your own pet or a child from the neighbourhood. All it takes is a little bribe, give them some chocolates or cookies and they wouldn’t say no!

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4.  Change in Time – Most of the people are habitual of exchanging gifts on New Year’s morning. Not finding a gift at the usual time can be a mild shock for your loved ones. They might think you have forgotten it or hasn’t got anything this time. The moment when they find a gift lying in some unexpected place will be an eye-opener. The happiness of finally receiving the gifts and bewilderment of why you didn’t tell them, gives them a sea of emotion. The initial anxiousness makes it a memory you will look upon in the coming days. buy American diamond jewellery

5. Scavenger Hunt – We all love mysteries, as it unfolds it gives us an adrenaline rush. Plan a hunt that covered all the key locations in the city where you spend most of your time with the giftee. Each hint should give them the details of the next location. You wait at the final stop with the gift with your hand. Think it wouldn’t work? All the legwork will make your gift even more valuable. Your loved ones will appreciate your efforts of writing down the hint and sticking them to places that shaped your relationship with them. If you are struggling to find an affordable piece of jewellery, buy American diamond jewellery online. It doesn’t put a strain on your pocket. The wide range of options you have to make buying American diamond jewellery online a pure delight.