Whats The Meaning Of Ornate ?

 When our 925 silver jewellery venture was in its early stages of conceptualisation and how quickly we settled on a name for it 'Ornate Jewels' is what our founder, Miss Shelly Luthra, wanted to call her entrepreneurial debut as soon as she stepped into the business world.

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What 'ornate' means – to us, Shelly and the Dictionary. According to the latter, 'ornate' is something beautiful; a word that symbolises ornaments and luxurious things. To us 'ornate' is a word that deeply resonates with us and the jewellery we showcase to you. Honestly, we cannot think of any other name other than 'ornate' to describe all the sparkly joy which we have waiting for you on our webshop.

  • Ornate is an expression of love and joy 
  • Its a bond between two people 
  • Its the love that goes beyong generations 
  • Ornate is romance 
  • Ornate sparkles 
  • Ornate is your valentine 
  • Ornate is every woman's desire 
  • Ornate is purple box of joy delivered 
  • Ornate is a lifelong friendship 
  • Ornate is an experience 
  • Ornate is love in a box 
  • Ornate is the best gift ever 
  • Its a memory 




Shelly our founder was an avid lover of diamond jewellery but due to the expensive prices was constantly searching for diamond-look-alike jewellery that did not appear cheap and yet looked breathtakingly beautiful .That's when American Diamonds entered the picture and practically changed her life. American diamonds are forever-sparkly, minimalistic and fit the busy lifestyle of today's Indian woman. I

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It was the same with 925 silver. it is rhodium-polished, it looks like white gold and that's what Shelly admired the most about it. When the magic of American Diamonds and 925 silver intertwined, Ornate Jewels was born. Our motto and vision. We wish that you always sparkle with joy. Our vision is to successfully bridge the gap between 'affordable' and 'luxurious' jewellery and unite the two on our online shop. What are we willing to serve in the name of 'Ornate'? All hands on deck. We want to provide you with budget-friendly jewellery for daily wear and special occasions.

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The latest designs for 925 jewellery is also on our list. Last but never least, we are ready to serve you with the friendliest and most informative customer service that will answer your queries at any time of any day. What is our status? We are currently dealing in 925 jewellery with loads of enthusiasm.

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Our customers are from all over India who have been deeply satisfied by the quality of the jewellery that they have been receiving at their doorstep. We've also added an element of charm by placing our jewellery in signature gift packaging. Inside it is your order, accompanied by handy jewellery care instructions and a warranty certificate. Conclusion We hope you enjoyed reading our story. The word 'ornate' will always be very close to our hearts as it represents our sparkly and high-quality jewellery.