Why pearls are making a comeback in 2022?

Pearls are the most elegant and distinctive jewellery and it appeals to people of all ages and genders all over the world.Women have and will always will adore pearls, from Marlyn Monroe to Carry Bradshaw.

The shimmer and near round perfection are unmatched by any other gemstone. We humans have been adoring this natural gem for many many years now. Their luster does make you fall in love with it in an instant. The shine is just too attractive to ignore. Even millennials and gen Z has taken a liking for them. Today pearl jewellery is making a comeback strongly and taking its rightful place of being classy and fashionable at the same time. Pearls are a synonym to the sophistication

CArry Bradshaw

History also speaks from the British to the Mughals of India everyone has always shown a great liking and affinity for this natural gemstone. Hollywood has been the major fan and proponent of pearls. Due to high demand in the early 1900s cultured pearls came into existence and were developed in Japan. And sooner pearls were just not restricted to the rich and famous anymore. Cultured pearls gave women a chance to afford and wear these gorgeous baubles. In those times many women can be seen sporting ropes of pearls around their necks in the pictures. Pearls are iconic. Many fashion icons from the major European fashion houses have favored these naturally occurring gemstones in their accessories to their outfits. Pearls have made a major comeback in 2022 and are seen on the runways.

There are many reasons for you to fall in love and own these pretty white natural gems.

We have listed a few here 

They occur from nature in the most unique form 

Pearl Jewellery is forever in fashion 

They are classy and sassy

Can be styled in many ways 

Each pearl is unique no two are ever the same 

They have a long-standing history and royal status to them 

Most Unique Gemstones 

There are many gemstones like ruby emerald sapphire and diamonds but pearls come from deep depths of water sources like rivers and oceans. The other gemstones come in mostly single colours or hues or minor variations of it but pearls come in many colors and forms and shapes like white, golden, black Akoyas pink and so many more. They can be even dyed to obtain the color of desire 

PERSON wearing pearls

Pearls are for ever and forever

Pearl necklaces have been passed on from generation to generation. They have been part of family heirlooms and are the most wanted gemstone in many weddings to adorn the wedding dress. They are timeless and are meant for all ages from toddlers to young girls to older women. 

They are classy 

A simple string of a pearl necklace has to power to transform anyone into a classy royal look. They add an instant touch of class to any woman wearing them. An elegant freshwater pearl necklace cant go unnoticed in any attire. Check out our range of pearl necklaces sets here 

MOm wearing necklaces

You can even see many hollywood to bollywood celebs wearing them in their reel life to real life. Deepika Padukone is one classic example. 

Styling made easy

Due to its various shapes and sizes, from near round to perfect rounds to rice pearls to a big large button pearl earring the options are many. Regardless of what you wear they are sure to add a certain charm. You can style ropes and ropes of pearls on a simple dress for that power dressing look. Or just wear a causal long string of pearls on a flowy dress for a casual brunch. A cocktail dress can be styled with a pretty pair of earrings danglers in pearl for women. A necklace can be worn as a string of bracelets on a wrist 

Pearl Necklace

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Since they occur from nature, real freshwater pearls are all unique in their shape, they represent the uniqueness we all have. It is just the same way no two women can be identical. We all have all our own strengths so do these natural gems. Check out our designer Pearl necklaces online at 

They have a long history 

These beauties often called Moti in India have a long-standing history over the world. Queens would travel across the world to own and possess them for their jewelry box. Mughal kings and queens can be seen wearing them and adorning their outfits in many ways. Hence proving they can be styled in many ways from a gown to a King's turban! Stylistas all around the world love to collect and flaunt them. So if you don’t own a pearl jewel until now here's your chance to own this little piece of history for yourself 

Sonam Kapoor wearing earrings

To sum it all we must say these are the only gems that originate from a living creature and are a beautiful example that how pretty things can come from nature. The most important thing to consider is that these can be worn in their natural form without any cutting and polishing. 

Ranbir singh wearing pearls

They do bring calmness to the wearer and are considered a symbol of fertility, strength and pure love, and romance 

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