Materials & Care: Here's everything you need to know about your Ornate Jewelry
                                Anti Tarnish Resistant & Hypoallergenic

At we aim to provide you with high-quality jewellery that is safe and suitable for all skin types. We promise you don’t have to deal with skin allergies or green skin from jewels ever again

Made with a lot of love and hard work our baubles are made to last so you always get value for money. All you have to do is take a bit of care so you can enjoy wearing it for years to come



The most loved white gold metal this precious fine metal is primarily an alloy of silver mixed with 7.5% of other metals and 92.5 % of silver. This combination is created to make the most durable and shapely jewels. While creating jewelry the metal is required to hold its shape. At Ornate we only use the 92.5 silver that’s the finest and purest to create daily wear high-class pieces at an affordable price



  • Our Sterling Silver is safe to wear in water and won't turn black
  • Keep your sterling silver away from skincare, detergents, and lotions, perfumes to avoid erosion over time

For cleaning it occasionally pls take a dab of gentle toothpaste, or mix some baking soda and water and wrap your fine trinkets in an aluminum foil sheet and wrap for 10-15 mins. Gently wipe it while being careful and rinse it with water. Pat dry at the end

It's always advisable to remove jewels before workouts or a swim as it may dull the shine or you may even end up losing it in the pool.

All our pieces arrive in our signature gift box, we highly recommend that you use the box for storing your purchases for safe keep and also to avoid them getting rubbed against other pieces




We use earth-friendly lab-created gemstones like Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphires. They are man-made and created in labs. They look exactly like their natural counterparts while costing a fraction of the price. We are known for our diamond look American diamonds. Our customers love to wear them for special occasions and even while traveling



We want you to wear your jewelry daily and get value for money. And with daily regular wear, they may turn dull over some time due to hard water deposits. We recommend cleaning them occasionally in a solution of vim liquid and water. This method will make them sparkle like new again



We only use real Freshwater Pearls that are free of any colors and dyes. These are truly timeless and elegant natural gemstones that have been used in jewelry for thousands of years. These originate from mother earth and each one is truly unique as you are. The imperfections of these natural gems are a reminder to all of us that we are all imperfect in our ways. We produce our pearl jewelry keeping in mind to always minimize any environmental impact.



  • Keep them away from water
  • We recommend removing your pearls during workouts swimming and even sleeping as these are mostly threaded together and while you toss and turn the thread may break

 Also being soft stones they are prone to get dented

Keep away from harsh chemicals and soaps always

Always clean them with a soft cloth regularly to remove any dirt sweat or chemicals

Store them properly always.