Express it the best with silver jewellery!

Silver jewellery has always taken a significant place in our hearts. Indian women have been embracing jewellery for ages and will be adored all over the years to come. From the joint jewellery bands that were worn by the women of the ancient historical site Mohenjodaro, the gemstone-studded necklaces embraced by the royal Maharajas and their Maharanis; to the silver statement earrings liked by celebrities such as Halsey and Kylie Jenner have always been in trends.

And you know? The best part about silver jewellery?

It has the potential to elevate your appearance in just seconds. Your vibes instantly change as soon as you wear a bracelet or a necklace on your denim or beachwear.

The two most accepted forms of silver jewellery are oxidized silver and sterling silver. Sterling silver is an amalgamation of 92.5% pure silver and the rest 7.5% copper. It is versatile, graceful and suitable for any occasion. 

Here are some popular types of sterling silver jewellery that would elevate your style without overpowering it.

  1. Pearl Drop Sterling Silver Necklace

This majestic, antique  necklace is crafted from Sterling silver. It’s bold, huge and enables the wearer to mirror one’s personality. The pearl pendant adds its own glamour. It is specially designed to make you stand out from the crowd. These necklaces quickly spike your confidence and are simpler to wear. And finally, it is an amazing gift to your loved ones.

  1. Silver Flower Stud Earrings 

 Sterling silver earrings are classic pairs of ear accessories appropriate for almost all age groups of people. Made in the shape of the flowers, it looks beautiful on different skin tones and matches most of your outfits. On top of it, they are extremely comfortable to wear, unlike the big-sized earrings that put loads of pressure on your earlobes. And even for very sensitive skins, it becomes a perfect option. It can simply be paired with any kind of necklace or bracelet. A woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without this most timeless jewellery piece.

  1. Elegant Pair of Silver Chandelier Earrings 

  It's a type of earring made in combination with gems and beads that is pretty long, dangling in nature and usually hangs freely from a hook. These pairs of earrings are classic in western culture but recently have been in trends in India too. They are in different sizes and styles. Most popular on occasions like weddings and parties because of their gorgeous look. They are so attractive that one can simply skip the remaining jewellery. These elegant pairs are also the first choice for international events like the Red carpet. That’s why big brands like Tiffany, Harry and Winston invest millions of dollars in creating these unique accessories.

  1. Glamorous Pair of 925 Zircon Silver anklets

 Popularly known as Payal in India, anklets are mainly crafted in silver. Known for their melodious music, anklets have another set of benefits too. Positive energy surrounds the wearer. The friction caused by them makes the bones stronger. It adds charm to the lady’s legs. This pair is sufficient to bring an edge to your outfit.

  1. Star Shape Mangalsutra 

 How gracefully this accessory adorns married women's necks! This stunning accessory adds a classy and minimalist touch to your ethnic attire. Made up of sterling silver, it is pretty affordable and durable.

  1. Silver Multi Stone Ring

 The sterling silver rings are hypoallergenic, cost-effective and durable. The elegance, charm and style that the multi Stones bring to your looks are unmatched by other accessories. Hugely popular for engagements because of its affordability. However, you shouldn’t wait for that special day to adorn them. Break the stereotype and gift yourself this versatile ring.


  1. Unique sterling silver tennis bracelets 

This astonishing jewellery is made up of symmetrical designs of gemstones connected by usually a thin, valuable metal. Owing to its versatility, it can be adorned from office meetings to parties, which means everywhere. These bracelets are extremely flexible and comfortable to wear. A perfect gift for graduation, birthdays and wedding functions.


The final thoughts!

Owing to their lustrous, metallic and shiny aura, silver jewellery finds a special place in today’s times. It also carries a sacred symbolism amongst the Indian women and will carry its reputation for the years to come.