Daily Wear Rings

What rings do you wear daily?This is a question we often get asked at ornatejewels.com....

What rings do you wear daily?
This is a question we often get asked at ornatejewels.com. To answer this simply, we recommend that you wear rings made of materials like pure 925 sterling silver, gold, or steel, as they are durable and long lasting metals that are suitable for daily wear.
Dailywear rings are pieces of jewelry worn every day, usually in place of a more expensive ring such as an engagement or wedding band. They come in various styles and materials that suit one's style preference without compromising on the durability factor!
Is it okay to wear rings all day?
Yes, it's perfectly ok to wear rings all day, but it's a good practice to remove your jewelry before going to bed to let your skin breathe.
925 silver rings are a great buy as a daily-wear ring for their low price and white gold look. At Ornate, we offer rhodium polished rings in silver for women and men that won't turn black with daily usage.
Rings are the most popular accessory worldwide and one of the most popular categories of jewelry. If you want to buy the perfect ring that can be worn every day, Browse our collection of stylish and durable daily wear rings for women online. We have best-in-class ring designs that are crafted from high-quality, pure 925 silver. Studded with different gemstones like AAA-grade American diamonds that look like white gold We also have lab-created ruby rings for women, emerald rings in silver, and blue sapphire rings.
Our rings range from solitaire rings to wedding rings, eternity rings, adjustable rings, etc.
We sell chic, trendy, yet classy ring designs that can be worn daily and not stored away in lockers thereby giving you value for your money.
THREE-STONE RUBY BAND RING: Embrace a touch of vibrant color with our Three-Stone Ruby Band Ring in 925 silvers. This ring showcases three stunning rubies set delicately in a band, creating a captivating and lively look. The deep red hue of the rubies adds a pop of color to your everyday ensemble, making a bold statement with your jewelry.

SOLITAIRE RING: Experience timeless sophistication with our Solitaire Ring, where a dazzling diamond takes center stage. Expertly set in a silver band, this ring serves as a versatile piece, effortlessly complementing any outfit, whether it's for a day at the office or a special occasion.

ROYAL AMERICAN DIAMOND RING: Indulge in luxury with our Royal American Diamond Ring, which combines the brilliance of American diamonds with the allure of silver. This ring features a cluster of American diamonds set in a silver band, creating a captivating and opulent effect. The combination of silver and diamond look alikes  adds a touch of glamour to your daily wear, allowing you to shine brightly wherever you go.

0.5 CARAT PROMISE AMERICAN DIAMOND SILVER LOVE RING: Symbolize eternal love with our mesmerizing 0.5-carat Promise American Diamond Silver Love Ring. It captures the sparkle of true affection and commitment with its radiant American diamond. Crafted in stunning silver, this ring is a testament to the beauty of love and is sure to make hearts flutter.

HEART DIL SILVER RING FOR WOMEN: Express your love with our adorable Heart Dil Silver Ring. Its delicate heart-shaped design represents the deep affection and connection between two hearts. Made with love and crafted with precision, this ring is a perfect gift for the special woman in your life.

2-CARAT AMERICAN DIAMOND TWISTED ACCENT RING IN 925 SILVER: Make a statement with our exquisite Twisted Accent Ring, featuring a stunning 2-carat American diamond. It radiates elegance and sophistication, while the twisted band adds a modern and unique touch, making it a captivating piece that stands out from the crowd.

SIX AMERICAN DIAMOND 925 SILVER RING: Prepare to be mesmerized by the brilliance of our breathtaking Six American Diamond 925 Silver Ring. Adorned with six dazzling American diamonds, each representing a precious moment shared, this ring symbolises cherished memories and boundless love. It truly embodies elegance and luxury, making a statement that captures attention and evokes admiration.

Our ring designs are the best daily wear rings in India. Our collection includes engagement rings set in 925 sterling silver with American diamonds, as well as a wide range of other ring designs perfect for any occasion!