Emerald Collection

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Green color represents love, growth, and passion. Wear it any season, the vibrant color will make you stand out each and every time. For the jewelry lovers, emerald stone green jewelry makes the perfect accessory. The eye-catching green emerald stone adds a pop of color to the jewelry collection sparkling your look with vibrancy.

Emeralds necklaces in pure silver can be worn every day. From single emerald stone pendants to halo design pendant with American diamonds one can go with any trendy necklaces from the emerald collection
If you are someone who loves to wear earrings, emerald stud earrings or emerald dangle earrings will be you next go to silver earrings. The delicate dangle design of green earrings will just bring a sense of movement.
For cocktail evenings sparkle with big emerald green rings and stack it up with a pure silver ring studded with American diamonds. You’ll definitely love this refreshing change from your regular diamond ring or pearl rings.

The emerald silver jewelry for women also makes the perfect gift as it can be paired with any silver jewelry or diamond look jewelry. Silver bracelets, earrings, and rings for women with emerald stone will make them feel special and the lush green hue of the emerald stones adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to their look.
Look out at our collection of emerald green jewelry for women in pure 925 silver.