Timeless Glamour with Gold Jewellery

Gold Jewellery has been a staple in every individual’s jewellery collection since centuries now as it holds value and often symbolises wealth and love.

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The Treasured Glow of Gold Jewellery

In the world of style and fashion, there’s literally nothing that can match the charm of gold jewellery. From ancient civilizations to modern-day trends, gold has maintained its status as a symbol of luxury, prestige, and enduring beauty. Whether it's a delicate necklace, a pair of shiny earrings, or a statement ring, 14k gold jewelry holds a special place in the hearts of people around the globe.

Gold, with its radiant colour and soft nature, has been cherished by everyone for thousands of years. Its beautiful shine and eternal durability make it the perfect material for crafting exquisite and magnificent pieces of 18 karat gold jewelry that stand the test of time and can be surely passed down to generations as keepsakes. Real gold jewelry is not just any piece of jewellery but also it holds cultural, historical, and symbolic significance in many societies. As Ornate Jewels brings us the most pleasing collection of 14 carat gold Jewellery, let us also explore everything that 1 gram gold jewellery has to offer us!

Gold Jewellery and its Symbolism

Gold jewellery holds great meaning and symbolism across cultures and different time periods. It represents wealth, luxury, and status due to its rarity and enduring beauty. People wear 18 carat gold jewellery to make themselves look attractive for special occasions like weddings, festivals, and celebrations. Apart from its material value, gold carries symbolic meanings such as love, commitment, and prosperity. Wedding rings made of gold reflect eternal love and unity in marriage. In some cultures, 1 gram gold jewellery is also believed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. Also, gold has been associated with divinity and spirituality in many ancient days of India, where it was used to craft sacred artefacts and pieces of jewellery for gods and religious figures.14 carat Gold jewellery not only enhances one's appearance but also has great cultural, emotional, and symbolic significance.

Types of Gold Jewellery

There are various types and designs of gold jewellery available in the market that have won the heart of jewellery enthusiasts but some of the most loved pieces of jewellery that are crafted out of gold are:

Gold Rings

Gold rings have been loved by women since ages now because of their versatility and great designs. Be it a wedding or just a casual day, gold rings can be worn at literally any occasion and day. There are multiple types of gold rings available like one with a single gemstone, the wedding band, crown gold ring, etc. These rings can be paired up with different outfits keeping occasions in mind. The best part about the gold ring is that it lends the wearer a look that makes them stand out in the crowd and gives them a sophisticated touch. There are different gold rings available as different budgets so one can pick the ring that suits their personality as well as budget.

Gold Earrings

Gold earrings have a different fanbase amongst Indian Women. Almost all women adorn themselves with gold earring on a casual basis in India as gold is believed to be a symbol of an individual's status and wealth. Gold earrings are available in different designs and patterns. For a casual day, stud gold earrings can be the best where for a brunch or a day celebration, you can go with hoop earrings. For a party or an evening celebration, opting for chandeliers, dangle or drop earrings can be the best as it gives an elevating look to the overall appearance of the wearer.

Gold Chains and Necklaces

Gold chains and necklaces are a beautiful piece of accessory that have been a go-to accessory for most women. These delicate accessories have been elevating the women’ look beautifully and lends them a sophisticated touch. Be it with a charm pendant, or an initial pendant or any meaningful pendant, the gold necklaces are super attractive and gorgeous. The gold necklaces can be paired up with literally any outfit, be it an ethnic wear or a casual western wear. These necklaces can match up the vibe of any occasion and event effortlessly.

Gold Bracelets and Bangles

Gold bracelets and bangles have been adorning women’s wrists since forever now. It is one of the most mandated accessories that married women have to adorn themselves with. Gold bracelets and bangles come in a variety of designs and patterns. Some gold bangles can be light weight that are suitable for daily wear whereas some can have bold and heavy patterns that can be worn at any special occasion or party. With a variety of designs and budget, gold bracelets and bangles are gorgeous pieces of accessory that can accentuate the wrists of women just beautifully and effortlessly.

Gold Nose Pin

A gold nose pin is a timeless accessory that holds a great elegant charm along with the significance in many cultures and traditions. This accessory has been playing a significant role in married women’s life particularly. Gold nose pin is so versatile that it can be paired up with any outfit and occasion. Be it a wedding or a casual day out, an ethnic wear or a western wear, the nose pin can suit every personality. This small piece of accessory can give an elevating look and charm like nothing else.

Ornate Jewels and its Beautiful Collection of Gold Jewellery

Ornate Jewels is one the best brands to buy gold jewellery as it works on few core values. These core values include customer satisfaction, quality 18k gold jewelry and on-time shipping. When it comes to customer satisfaction, there is no brand like Ornate Jewels that can make their customers happy with their amazing fine gold jewellery pieces. The brand knows to fit in every customer’s taste and budget well. Ornate Jewels focuses on quality because it understands and respects the customer’s sentiments and time. All the 18 carat gold jewellery pieces are made from high quality material with careful detailing. The brand keeps itself updated with the gold jewelry for women trends so as to reach the audience of every age group. An authenticity certificate is also sent along with the jewellery piece so that customers feel safe about the materials used to craft their ordered jewellery. An extra effort that brand makes towards its customers is express shipping. As customers wait for their online order, Ornate Jewels makes sure to pack the ordered jewellery and assign it to a responsible courier company in no time. So, next time when you plan to buy gold jewellery online, choose the trustable brand Ornate Jewels only!


  1. Which gold jewellery is best to buy?

    The gold jewellery that is best to buy depends on personal preferences. Traditional gold jewellery like chains and bangles are some of the classics that are preferred by women even now. Modern and fusion gold jewelry for women pieces like hoop earrings and solitaire gold rings are preferred by modern girls and women. Be it any gold jewellery piece, these accessories are versatile and can be paired up with any outfit.

  2. Which colour of gold is better?

    There are many colours of gold available. Yellow is the traditional colour of gold whereas rose and white gold jewellery has been a fashion trend for women these days. Gold can be clubbed with different colours of gemstones to create striking gold jewellery pieces. 

  3. What colour is natural gold?

    Natural gold is generally bright, shiny yellow in colour. This colour is different and often extracted as golden or yellowish-orange. Gold's colour doesn't change much, staying true to its characteristic shade, making it easily recognizable and known for its beauty, charm and symbolism throughout history.

  4. Why is gold attractive?

    Gold is attractive because of its colour and charm. Gold jewellery has been winning hearts of everyone since ages now. Be it simple chains, elegant rings, dazzling earrings or glamorous bracelets and bangles, gold jewellery has been attracting everyone with its beautiful designs and patterns.
  5. Is Ornate Jewels a good brand to buy gold jewellery?

    Ornate Jewels is the best brand to buy gold jewellery online. It makes sure that it fills its customers with joy and happiness when they wear their jewellery pieces. Ornate Jewels focuses on providing customers with top-notch quality and brilliant designs of gold jewellery. The brand also attaches authenticity certificate along with their jewellery pieces so that customers stay assured of the quality of the jewellery that they’re buying from Ornate Jewels.