Fusioning Style With Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets have been combining the classic beauty and modern trends beautifully. These bracelets have been lending a unique and vintage charm to the women for centuries now.

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Vintage Allure of Pearl Bracelets

The pearl bracelets have been attracting women since ages now because of their beauty and vintage charm that they carry. These bracelets are timeless and never go out of trend and modern style. Infusing the pearl accessory on any look, elevates the overall appearance effortlessly. The pearl bracelets collection of Ornate Jewels offers a great variety of these pretty jewellery pieces and that too at a super affordable price. Let’s explore the collection along with various other things to know about pearl bracelets.

History of Pearls

Pearl bracelets have a history that goes back to thousands of years ago. pearls are beautiful stones that are formed inside the oysters and have always been loved for their beauty and rarity. People from ancient times that included egyptians, greeks and romans, always valued pearls and integrated them in their jewellery which also included bracelets.

In the ancient times of Egypt, the pearls were buried along with the dead just to showcase their wealth and societal status. The Greeks always believed that pearls were the tears of god and they wore it to represent purity and love. The Romans believed that pearls were the symbol to show high social status and roman women also typically wore the pearl jewellery to show their wealth.

In the middle ages, pearls got even more popular in Europe and they were usually used in crafting the royal crowns and religious artefacts. Pearl bracelets and other pearl jewellery were commonly adorned by the nobles and were meant to be the symbol of power.

The demand for pearls grew continuously in the renaissance period. The European explorers brought back the pearl in the new era with the increased availability which in turn made accessibility to the wealthy classes.

The pearls got more affordable in the 19th and 20th centuries because of the development of pearl farming, especially in japan. This development allowed individuals to enjoy pearl jewellery. A famous designer called Coco Chanel made the wearing of pearl jewellery more popular in the 1920 making pearl bracelets an elegant accessory.

Today, pearl bracelets are very much a popular jewellery pick just because of their eternal charm. They are loved by almost every individual across the globe and there are many designs available, from classic single strands to modern designs combined with other materials.

Fusion of Fresh Water Pearls and Silver

Fusion of fresh water pearls and silver makes a great and stunning jewellery piece. The Fresh waters are naturally formed in the mussels and have a beautiful shine with different shapes and sizes. When the beauty of pearls is combined with silver, the formed jewellery piece is just stunning. The pearl silver bracelet is an elegant piece of jewellery that blends the vintage charm with modern aesthetics. The silver backdrop complements the white lustre of pearls really well and gives the wearer a sophisticated touch. The pearl bracelet in the silver setting also reflects the individual's personality of embracing classic beauty along with the touch of modernity. Be it a gift to someone special or buying for self, pearl bracelets are highly versatile and can be an elegant accessory to adorn.

Significance of Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets hold a great  cultural and meaningful value in the different cultures of the world. Here are some of the significant points:

Elegance and Sophistication

Pearl, since always, has been known as the symbol of grace and subtleness. So, when a woman wears a pearl bracelet, they get their overall look elevated with the refinement of this beautiful piece of accessory. Pearls have also been associated with royalty since ancient times, and it is also one of the reasons that they are connected with lending sophistication and classic touch.


In many different cultures of the world, pearls are believed to lend a touch of purity oto the wearer. The pearl bracelets are also worn by the brides on their wedding day so as to showcase the exact same qualities that Pearls have. The purity is always something that pearl have inherited and so wearing them can tell the world about an individual’s personality.

Wisdom and Knowledge

Pearls are the representation of wisdom and knowledge as well that often comes from the life experiences of the individuals. There are many people who believe that wearing pearls can bring wisdom, clear thoughts and peace in mind  to them. The pearl bracelets are not just praise for their beauty but also the positive qualities that they carry with them.

Healing properties

Some cultures believe that the pearls have healing properties as well. For example, in India, it is believed that wearing pearls in silver can reduce the anger in them and bring patience. The pearls heals anxiety and stress and promotes overall good well-being of the individuals. The pearl bracelets are meant to be sacred in many traditions across the globe.

Wealth and Status

Since ancient times, the pearls have been associated with royalty and nobles. They are the pure symbol of wealth and high social status. The pearl bracelets make the wearer look classy and rich when they adorn it. The women who love to wear the pearl bracelets speak volume about their elegant personality and classy charm.

How to Choose the Best Pearl Bracelet?

Choosing the best pearl bracelet can be a bit challenging as the varieties, patterns and designs  are super stunning. Here are some points to care when choosing the pearl bracelets:

  1. Consider your personality: Buy a pearl bracelet that suits your personality really well. If you like delicate touch, then choose the silver bracelet that has a single pearl and if you prefer a bold look, then opting for a silver bracelet that has intricate pearl designs can be the best option.
  2. Consider occasion: If you’re planning to buy a pearl bracelet to match up any occasion, then consider the setting of that occasion. If it's a casual occasion, then the option for simpler design can be best but if it's a special occasion, then choosing more intricate pearl bracelet designs can be great.
  3. Budget: Make sure that you decide a budget when choosing the pearl bracelet as having a proper budget can filter out the options for and it will then be easy for you to choose. Having an appropriate budget can also help you have an eye on extras.
  4. Mix and Match: If you have any particular accessory that is decided that you have to pair up with the beautiful pearl bracelet, then make sure to buy the pearl bracelet that matches the look and pattern of the decided accessory as it can give you the balanced look which is really important for a poised appearance.

Price Range of Pearl Bracelets

The pearl bracelets are comparatively affordable. The average price that the pearl bracelets start from is Rs.1500 and the price goes up till Rs.3000. The pearl bracelets between price Rs.1500 to Rs. 2300 have comparatively simple designs that are perfect for wearing on casual day outs and the pearl bracelets between price range Rs.2300 to Rs.3000 have intricate designs which are absolutely suitable to wear on special occasions.

Ornate Jewels and it's Beautiful Collection of Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets have been loved by women for adorning on casual days and even on special occasions because of their extreme versatility. Ornate Jewels is the best online brand and store to buy the beautiful pearl bracelets as the brand sells the top quality jewellery with magnificent designs and patterns. The best part of buying any piece of jewellery from Ornate Jewels is that they provide an Authenticity certificate which ultimately enhances the customers trustability of the brand. The express shipping of jewellery pieces is another factor to buy jewellery from Ornate Jewels. It makes sure to get your order delivered as soon as possible with the responsive courier companies. So, next time when you plan to buy pearl bracelets, consider Ornate Jewels as your top most option as the brand ensures a smile on your face when you open your order!

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1. Why are pearl bracelets popular?
The pearl bracelets are sheerly popular because of their elegant designs, vintage charm and modern aesthetics. This beautiful piece of jewellery has won over the hearts of women since centuries now.

2. Are pearl bracelets affordable?
Pearl bracelets are super affordable as they are easily accessible and available. The fresh water pearls along with the silver setting are the reasons to make this beautiful piece of accessory affordable?

3. What is the price range of pearl bracelets?
The price range of pearls bracelets is between Rs.1500 to Rs.3000. There are multiple designs available and one can choose as per their taste and personality.

4. Is Ornate Jewels a good brand to buy pearl bracelets?
Ornate Jewels is one of the best brands to buy the pearl bracelets as the brand makes sure to deliver the quality jewellery along with an Authenticity certificate so as to make the customers satisfied with the quality jewellery they are buying.

5. How to care for pearl bracelets?
To care for pearl bracelets, ensure that everytime you’re done wearing it, you wipe it with a gentle cloth that's a bit wet, so as to remove first and oils. Also, store the pearl bracelets in a separate pouch to prevent any kind of scratches. This way the bracelets can retain their shine for a longer time.