This is one of its kind of an accessory which can add the much needed touch of styling elements into any outfit . A big bold necklace on a deep neck or a power suit can change the whole look .We cannot do without adding these baubles to complete our look . It's like the furnishing that a room needs to look coordinated. It's a happy investment that never goes wrong  adding sparkles of joy . Here are a few tips that may come handy for you to keep your shiny things sparkly and useful always .

Layering of rings, necklaces and bangles

Always add contrasting lengths, textures and colours to create various looks that make you stand out in the crowd while adding an interesting depth to your looks .In case of earrings, you can go for pairing studs with ear cuffs or combining different metals for creating a stylish look.

Vaseline to the rescue for sensitive earlobes

Cheap metals can cause allergies and can be sensitive for your skin, which can hurt and infect your earlobes. Rub some Vaseline on the earring post, and you are good to go. Precious silver jewellery is the best alternative to sensitive earlobes .


Apply vaseline to protect ear lobes


Ice Cube trays as storage for earrings and rings

A clever way to store earrings and rings is to use ice cube trays. It will make life easier and you won’t have to spend another minute finding the other pair of the earrings. You can insert these trays in drawers and organise many things. 


Ice Cube tray as storage


Using baby powder or a straw to untangle knotted chain

Detangle your pure silver chain by simply sprinkling baby powder on it and placing it on a plate. The knots will loosen up and you can use a needle to pry open it further. You can store your chain in a straw just thread one side of the chain in the straw close the clasp and it's tangle free .

USe straw to store necklace


Toothpaste for silver jewellery and beer for gold

Scrub some toothpaste very gently  and rinse it with lukewarm water to clean.Likewise, for gold, soak them in beer for 10 mins and rinse to get the shine back on.


Recycling old frames and pretty bottles as jewellery stands

Use old frames or plastic bottles to use as jewellery stands or organizers, place your bracelets, rings and necklaces in them and this also allows you to quickly choose from the multiple options.

Botttles as organisers

Using buttons as earring holders

Hook your earrings through the two holes of a button and now you never lose a pair . This easy tip will never make your ear pieces together and easy to find 


Buttons as earring holders

Using Nail polish for preventing tarnishing

Apply a coat of clear nail paint to save the bling and shine of your favourite accessories. Make sure you let it dry completely before putting it on.


Combining bracelets or anklets to make the necklaces look longer

Need a  necklace extender ? and don’t want to buy one, just attach the clasps of the necklace to the clasp of an anklet or bracelet, and you will have a new necklace altogether to enhance your attire.


Storing bobby pins in a matchbox

While styling your hair, bobby pins are one of the most essential as well as one of the most vanishing items on your accessory box. Worry no more and store them in a matchbox, or stick them to a magnetic strip in your bathroom to never lose them again 


Storing Bobby pins on magnet

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