What Is Better for Ear Piercing: A Gun or a Needle?
This is one question we often get asked which is a better choice for any kind of piercings? We at ornate jewels believe that a sterile needle is much better than a piercing gun, for the reasons listed below. Read on to make the best choice that suits you. Make the decision that you think is best for you and your child's first piercings

gun ear piercing

Since piercing is common among people all age groups, In India it's more of a tradition to get the ears of babies and young girls pierced, even adults like to get additional piercings done these days, they all want to know which is the best method and what kind of post-care they need to take and what is the kind of metal they should choose when it comes to earrings?

A Needle is a more sanitized cleaner option
It's more accurate and less painful than guns.
It's sterile and single used
Its more precise and accurate
The hole from a needle is going to be smaller as the tip of the needle is very thin and that's a good thing to have because then the earlobes won't get stretched early in age


needle for piercing

Many piercing stores have use guns as it's easy for them to use and this option is more available now even in malls etc making it somewhat convenient

Sometimes a gun can cause tissue damage because the piercing gun has blunt studs, which in turn can damage when these studs are forced through the tissues, during the procedure. This process has to open the tissue to make room for the earring and sometimes that force can damage the cartilage

Gun vs needles compariosn

Piercing guns cannot be properly sterilized and they come in contact with many people's skin and bodily fluids.
A swab of alcohol is not enough to sterilize the gun hence many people end up with post piercing infections

How to take care

When getting an ear piercing done make sure studs are not made of a low-grade material which can cause an allergic reaction, scarring, and infection. Especially it should be Nickel and lead-free

Earrings should have pushbacks and not the butterfly backing as it is going to be put on way too tight, you will experience increased swelling

girl wearing pure silver earring

Make sure to wear 925 Sterling silver earrings that won't cause any infection

If for any reason you experience any discomfort, skin discoloration, pain go see a doctor

We hope these have been helpful tips for you