Mother nature has an unparalleled way of captivating our senses, colouring the world with a hue of mesmerizing colours. One gemstone that has a fan following like no other gemstone is the royal blue sapphire. Its deep, rich blue hue has been shining sitting atop the crowns of kings and queens, considered as a symbol of wisdom, nobility, and godly protection. In this blog, we delve into the world of blue sapphires, and their usage of creating fine silver jewellery for women. 

Age Old Gemstone   

The presence of blue sapphires can be traced back to centuries. In mythology this gem has been believed to have protecting powers and protects the wearer from harm and negative energies. It's even believed that sky gets its blue colour from sapphires as its believed that earth rests upon a huge blue sapphire   

Pear shape blue sapphire necklace for women online

One of the most iconic sapphires known as Star of India has deep roots in history and weighs about 563 Carats and is believed to be two billion years old. Now that's a really rich piece of history.

Its Characteristics and Varieties 

Blue sapphires are a variety of mineral corundum and is composed of aluminium and oxygen. The mesmerizing shade of blue comes from trace amounts of iron and titanium that form the crystal structure. The range of colour can vary, ranging from pale sky blue to deep blue hues. 

Wisdom, Royalty, and Beyond: The Symbolism 

Blue sapphires across cultures and nations have been associated with wisdom, royalty and nobility. It's often used in wedding and engagement rings as is a stone of faithfulness. Being of divine nature these were often seen on religious leaders and spiritual beings. 

In today’s society, blue sapphires are often chosen as engagement ring Center stone's. The choice is made due to the belief of everlasting love, trust, and long-term commitment just like the enduring nature of the sapphire itself.  

Sapphire party cocktail silver ring

Lab Created Blue Sapphires  

These days lab created blue sapphire are in much demand due to their look and feel of the natural stones and the pocket friendly price. These manmade gemstones mimic the properties of real blue gemstones and can be worn by anyone regardless of their astrology needs. As sometimes-real natural blue sapphire is worn for astrology purpose. So, if you are looking to buy a sapphire ring for women or a sapphire earring for women you can always buy lab created sapphire jewellery for women from ornate jewels.  

Here are few of the bestselling jewels  

Famous Meghan Markle Ring with a deep blue centre stone that is flaunted by two American diamonds on the side is a classic iconic engagement ring. This engagement ring for women is a true symbol of past present and future ring. Crafted in pure 925 silver that rhodium polished to a high shine this proposal ring is a sure winner and our all-time bestseller. When looking to buy the perfect ring for her look no further.  

Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelets  

Blue sapphire tennis bracelet

An enchanting blue sapphire tennis bracelet for women can be the perfect jewel that adds on to a woman's style. Its timeless classic design is always just the perfect amount of bling and graceful design. It suits both formal occasions and everyday wear. Ornate jewels all products are crafted keeping in today's woman’s lifestyle in mind hence this bracelet for women is always a bestseller. This silver bracelet pairs well with a watch or easily can be stacked with other bracelets to create an interesting mix n match look. This wrist accessory is an elegant understated daily wear office jewellery. Just ensure to remove your bracelet before bed to prolong its shine and life. It’s a design so classic and versatile that it never goes out trend ever. 

Flower Earrings for Women  

blue sapphire stud earring in 925 silver

Make a statement with these floral earrings for women. Flowers have always been associated with symbol of beauty and femininity. When these floral motifs are made into jewels it creates a stunning and eye-catching piece of earring. Simple yet making a statement these flower stud earrings for women are designed to make a lasting impression, with its lightweight wear ability. Studs do suit all face types and can be worn as a focal point with a minimalist outfit or as a complementary piece of jewel to enhance a sophisticated ensemble. 

Blue Sapphire Cocktail Rings:  

A big bold statement ring on your finger in a deep royal colour of blue is a match made in Jewelry heaven. The intense deep blue of the sapphire combined in silver and shaped into a party ring for women creates a piece that attracts and commands attention. These cocktail rings for women scream total luxury and when made with lab created blue sapphires, they are super pocket friendly hence one can buy as many as they want to their hearts desire. Blue sapphire cocktail rings can be worn on a variety of occasions, from cocktail parties or sangeet nights to casual date night outings where you want to make a bold statement. Pair them with an elegant dress to create a dramatic effect or wear them to elevate a chic sexy ensemble for a night out. 

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How to care for your blue sapphire jewellery  

These gems don’t really require a lot of care, but a few easy simple tips can make your jewels last longer hence giving you the value for money. 

  1. Always store your gemstone jewels in their box separate from other jewellery so they don’t rub against each other and break   
  2. A regular cleaning is a good idea to keep your jewels looking like new always   
  3. Always put your jewellery last after makeup and perfumes   

In Conclusion: Its a Timeless Beauty in Blue 

It can be safer to say that blue sapphire jewellery has always been and will always be a timeless piece of jewel in every blue shade that there is. There is a blue sapphire for everyone ranging from natural gemstone to the more affordable lab created one. It's always been and always will be the most sought-after gem worldwide.