The story of fine silver jewellry brand in India- Ornatejewels

The story of fine silver jewellery brand in India- Ornatejewels

"Ornate jewels brings to you the heart of India’s deep love of silver jewellery. Experience how this brand blends tradition with today's trends, offering stylish, high-quality pieces that don't pinch the pocket. Join us in exploring a story where quality meets affordability in the shimmering world of silver."

About Ornate jewels!

Ornate jewels is not just a brand name, it's a journey filled with passion, tradition and a vision for a brighter future. Our goal is to offer beautiful, high-quality silver jewellery to Indian homes at affordable prices. Our team understands the love Indians have for silver, given its classy appearance similar to white gold, but without the high cost. We stepped in to fill a gap in the market for genuine and attractive silver jewellery. Each piece we produce proudly displays the '925' mark, a guarantee of its real sterling silver content. Moreover, we take extra care to make sure our jewellery is safe, without any nickel or lead, ensuring no allergic reactions. More than just selling jewellery, Ornate jewels values our customers, offering loyalty points with each purchase that can be used for future buys. This creates a bond, turning simple shopping into a lasting relationship.

Pure silver jewellery online

 At Ornate jewels, not only do we offer dazzling jewellery, but we also care for your purchases. Need a repair? We've got you covered at a small fee. Every piece you buy comes elegantly packed in a gift box, perfect for surprises or safekeeping. Plus, we ensure trust with an authenticity certificate and throw in jewellery care instructions to keep your treasures sparkling. Shop, gift, and maintain–all under one roof!

Our Founder's Vision

Mrs. Shelly Luthra isn't just a founder of Ornate jewels, she's a visionary with a heart full of glittering dreams. With a journey spanning over two decades in the jewellery world, Shelly saw more than just precious metals and stones, she saw emotions, stories, and desires.

Ornate Founder

Living in different corners of the world, she soaked in diverse designs and cultural beauties. But one observation stood out that is Indian women's love for silver, an affordable dazzler that shines like white gold. Recognizing this, Shelly birthed Ornate jewels. Her aim? Craft silver pieces that don't just sit in lockers but become everyday companions. Under her guidance, Ornate jewels don't just sell silver; it weaves tales of trust, quality, and love. Today, when you pick an Ornate jewels silver jewellery piece, you're not just choosing jewellery, but also embracing a slice of Shelly's dream.

Our Promises of Quality, Satisfaction, and Rewards

At Ornate jewels, we want you to be happy with your purchase. Every item comes with a one-year warranty, so if there's a problem, we're here to help. If you're not sure about what you bought, you can return it within 7 days and get your money back. Plus, when you buy from us, you earn points for our loyalty program, saving you money on your next order.

Shopping with us is easy. We describe each product in detail so you know what you're getting. Our website is simple to use, and our payment methods are safe. We also make sure your jewellery is delivered quickly and safely.

Not sure about your pick? We have online helpers ready to guide you to the right choice. When you choose Ornate jewels, you get more than just jewellery. You get great service and deals too. Choose Ornate jewels, save more, and enjoy a simple shopping journey.

Top-Quality Direct to You, No Middlemen, No Compromise

At Ornate jewels, we take pride in being the direct manufacturers of our products. This means there's no middleman involved. By controlling the entire process from creation to sale, we ensure that each piece meets our high-quality standards. What's more, without the extra costs that come from middlemen, we can offer our jewellery at a better price. So, when you buy from Ornate jewels, you're not only getting top-quality sterling silver jewellery but also getting it at a great value. Our approach is simply to offer the best products directly to our customers, ensuring quality and affordability every step of the way.

Craftsmanship in Metal & Brilliance of Lab-Created Gems

At Ornate jewels, we take pride in being a leading name in India's sterling silver jewellery realm. Our specialization lies in 925 sterling silver, celebrated for its pure quality and enduring lustre. But we don't stop at silver. Our craftsmanship brings together this silver with lab-created gems such as vibrant blue sapphires, emeralds, radiant red rubies, and shimmering American diamonds. To elevate our collection further, we incorporate elegant freshwater pearls.

Craftsmanship in Metal & Brilliance of Lab-Created Gems 

Why 925 sterling silver, you might ask? Comprising 92.5% pure silver, this material is the epitome of quality. It's not only robust and gleaming but also skin-friendly, ensuring no irritation. This silver provides a luxurious feel without being overly expensive. To guarantee its longevity and lustrous finish, every piece is stamped for purity, rhodium-polished to prevent tarnishing, and is free from nickel and lead, ensuring an allergy-free experience.

Our mission at Ornate jewels is to craft beautiful yet affordable jewellery pieces that stand the test of time. Each item undergoes rigorous inspection to meet our high standards. So, when you choose us, you're not just purchasing a piece of jewellery but a blend of love, quality, and exceptional craftsmanship.

Certified Excellence & Trusted Hallmarking

We believe in complete transparency and trust when it comes to our silver sterling jewellery. That's why every piece of our jewellery goes through a strict certification process. This certification confirms the purity and quality of the silver we use in every chunk of silver jewellery.

American Diamond Rings

Also, each piece of jewellery carries a hallmark, a special mark stamped onto the jewellery. This hallmark is an added assurance for our customers that what they're buying is genuine 925-sterling silver. When you choose our jewellery, you're not just picking a beautiful piece but also getting the peace of mind that it's authentic, backed by both certification and hallmarking.

Every Moment, Every Age, Every Shine!

Ornate jewels presents a diverse silver jewellery collection suitable for every individual and occasion. From various earrings like studs, jhumkas, and party-special designs to elegant wristwear like bangles and charm bracelets,

Every Moment, Every Age, Every Shine!

we have something for everyone. Our neckpieces range from timeless solitaire necklaces to infinity designs. For the men, we've curated distinctive rings and bracelets. Our special offerings extend to proposal rings, mangalsutras, and pieces gleaming with American diamonds and lab-created gems such as blue sapphire and emerald.

Whether you're a college student seeking trendy yet affordable adornments, a professional in need of minimalist pieces, or someone embracing timeless classics, Ornatejewels has you covered. Our collection also caters to men and is perfect for gifting during festivals or special occasions like engagements. At Ornatejewels, every moment and individual are celebrated, ensuring everyone finds their perfect shining piece.

Ornate jewels: India's Silver Story of Trust & Shine

In India, Ornate jewels has become a trusted name for fine silver jewellery. In today's times, when everything is moving online, Ornate jewels makes it easy to buy beautiful silver designs without leaving your home. Each item is made with care and comes with a promise of lasting quality. Also, if you ever have questions or need help, our team is always there to support you.


Ornatejewels: India's Silver Story of Trust & Shine

The way Ornate jewels do business is not just about selling jewellery; it's about building trust with its customers. So, when you buy from us, you're not just getting a piece of jewellery, but also joining our family that values and cares for you. In the world of silver jewellery in India, Ornate jewels' story shines bright.