Elevate Your Style With These Celebrity-Inspired Jewellery

Bollywood celebrities have won over every individual’s heart with their style and fashion. Be it clothes or a piece of jewellery, people always try to get the same sense of style as celebrities. Clothes can still be as per individual’s preference, but people tend to wear jewelry, which is a recent trend. And don’t you forget that the celebrities are only the super duper trendsetters. So, here we are, bringing you the best of celeb-inspired jewellery that can make you have a Bollywood flair just like celebrities.

Magnificent Engagement Rings

Low Price engagement ring for women

Engagement rings are super special, and women love to have a ring that represents their love and marriage. Celebrities always have been wearing flashy engagement rings that are beautiful and unique. Celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Mouny Roy, and other female actresses have been flashing rings on their social media which leaves every onlook awed by their designs and patterns. The American diamond engagement rings are the best type of rings to adorn. These rings are extremely elegant, can be paired with all outfits, and can be worn on special occasions. These rings are super affordable and are available in different patterns and styles. The American diamond in the center of the ring is the winning element of this piece of accessory.

Ethereal Pearl Necklaces

Natural pearl necklace for women

Pearls have been long in trend and their vintage beauty never fades out. Actresses have been adoring pearl necklaces from time to time on different occasions which keeps them in trend alive. Just like Kangana Ranaut rocking this vintage look with the two-strand pearl necklace, other actresses like Kareena Kapoor Khan also wore a stunning single pearl strand with a motif in between, in her movie ‘Veerey Di Wedding’ that blew up the trend of wearing pearl necklaces even on the weddings like anything. The pearl necklaces are highly versatile and can be customized as per individual preferences. Trends may come and go but the vintage fashion of pearl necklaces will never fade.

Trendy Long Earrings

Trendy Long Earrings For Women

Long earrings are a super duper and stylish accessory that celebs have been adorning themselves with in almost every party. These pretty earrings give the wearer a sophisticated touch to the wearer. Deepika Padukone has been rocking long earrings at almost every party and her photos are just effortlessly beautiful. These earrings generally suit the face of the women and have a sharp and elongated shape. The subtleness of these beautiful pairs of earrings can complement any hairstyle well but the bun can be the winning one amongst all. These long earrings have American diamonds fitted in them and the length can vary as per designs and patterns. The beautiful pair of silver earrings is worth buying as they are versatile and can be paired up with almost every outfit.

Iconic Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets for women

Tennis bracelets capture the delicate feminine essence of the women who love to adorn them. These bracelets are the epitome of luxury and lend a super sophisticated touch to beautiful ladies. The elegant Tennis bracelet adorned by Mira Kapoor just shows how simply she rocks this accessory even on her casual days. The American diamond adorned with the backdrop of silver complements the overall beauty that is captured by this bracelet. These silver tennis bracelets are also available in different gemstones like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. These bracelets can be altered and customized as per the preferences of individuals. The tennis bracelet can add stars to the ensemble, be it a casual one for a basic day or occasion or a heavy one for special occasions.

Royal Emerald Necklaces

emerald necklace for women

The undeniable beauty of gemstone necklaces is effortlessly justified when Kareena Kapoor Khan wears them. Bebo with her emerald necklace has been the charm of many parties and her casual stepouts. The Emerald necklace is one of the most regal pieces of accessory that lends a royal touch to women every time they pair it with any outfit. These necklaces look best with Indian ethnic wear, whether it is a lehenga, saree, or a simple suit set. The emerald pendant can be embedded in any metal, be it gold or silver. But the silver exclusively complements the royal touch of the emerald gemstone. Different customizations can be done in the emerald as per the wearer’s taste, personality, and fashion sense.

Classic Pearl Earrings

Natural pearl earring for women

The pearl earrings are a minimalist and classic piece of accessory that has been gracing the ears of women for ages now. The glam look that Khushi Kapoor is swaying with this delicate piece of drop pearl earrings is just effortless and graceful. Women can carry the same style just like celebrities with different patterns and styles of pearl earrings. Drop earrings, dangle earrings, stud earrings, and some of the other types of pearl earrings that are preferred by women of literally all ages. The pearl earrings are available in different sizes and can be personalized as per the wearer's personality. These earrings can be paired up with any outfit and for all occasions as they are extremely flexible to match up different settings.

These are some of the most beautiful celeb-inspired jewellery pieces that are sure to make women rock all their looks and styles. Be it jewellery that has pearls incorporated in them or piece of jewellery that has gemstones fitted in them, celebrities have been the trendsetters for almost every individual.

Choosing the Best Celeb-Inspired Jewellery

The jewellery pieces are available in the market in an enormous number of designs but choosing the best can be a bit of a task. Here are some of the points to keep in mind while choosing such jewellery pieces:

  1. Consider Your Style: Considering your personality can be the biggest factor when buying celeb-inspired jewellery pieces as not everything is meant for everybody. For example, if you like subtleness in your personality, then wearing pearl jewellery can be the best but if you like to add a pop of color to your appearance then gemstone jewellery can be the game-changer for your overall look.
  2. Consider Occasion: Occasions play a vital role when deciding to choose jewellery. If there’s any particular occasion that you’re buying jewellery for then keep in mind its overall setting. If it's a house function then going with simple designs can be great but if there’s a big function like a wedding then the jewellery pieces with heavy detailing can be the best as they also run in the fashion trends.
  3. Budget: Fix a budget and look for the jewellery pieces that fit your budget as it can greatly filter out the options for you easily. Also sticking to a budget will make room for buying extras for you.
  4. Confidence: Coincidence is one of the key elements to rock any look. Having confidence in the jewellery piece that you’re wearing can make you stand in the crowd with the utmost grace and elegance. So, remember confidence can add stars to your look even more.


In conclusion, celebrities continue to set trends in the world of fashion with their iconic selection of jewellery pieces and designs. The jewellery enthusiasts consider celebrities as their inspiration before buying and adorning any kind of jewellery for their look. From classic pearl necklaces to trendy long earrings, the celeb-inspired jewellery pieces offer a look into the personalities and styles of our favorite stars. These pieces of jewellery not only enhance the overall style of the wearer but also give them a glamorous feel. For all those jewellery enthusiasts who are looking to buy jewellery pieces at super affordable prices, Ornate Jewels can be the only final destination for them as the brand crafts their jewellery pieces keeping in mind the market trends that are inspired by celebrities. So, visit Ornate Jewels and carry a style that’s iconic because being iconic is the new ordinary.