How To Buy Jewellery Online

Buying jewellery online has surged in popularity over the past few years, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, when people shifted from shopping at malls and stores to online platforms. Shopping for jewellery online is a fantastic option because you can find a wide variety of pieces with just a click. You can also shop from any city or even another country without leaving your home. While many people prefer to touch and feel the product and try it on, in a physical store you have limited pieces to choose from. Online shopping, on the other hand, offers a vast array of options to explore.

While discussing the benefits of online jewellery shopping, it's important to be cautious. Here, we will list some common mistakes to avoid to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable online jewellery shopping experience

Tips for Safe and Enjoyable Online Jewellery Shopping

  • Read Product Descriptions Carefully: Ensure that you read the product description thoroughly. This helps you understand the materials and craftsmanship of the jewellery you're interested in. Since you can't try on the piece, a detailed description is essential. A reliable jewellery shopping website will provide information on the metal, gemstone, and length, often including a video.
  • Utilize Product Videos: Videos can better understand the product's size, dimensions, and how it shines and sparkles. Reputable brands usually invest in creating videos to help customers get a more accurate feel for the product.
Check product videos before buying
  • Examine Images Closely: Carefully look at the images provided. Don't skip over these as they can give you a good sense of the design and quality.
  • Check Product Care and Usage Instructions: A good website will include care and usage instructions for their jewellery. Reading these can answer any questions and help you make an informed purchase.
Check Product Care and Usage Instructions

By following these tips, you can enjoy a safe and satisfying experience when buying jewellery online. At Ornate Jewels all our products have videos so you can have a fair understanding of how a product looks before you make your purchase.

Check The Policy 

When shopping for jewellery online, it's crucial not only to read the product descriptions but also to review the terms and conditions and return policy. What if you don't like the product when it arrives? What if there's a ring size issue, or it doesn't look as good on you as you hoped? There can be many reasons for needing to return a product.

Many of us have bought something online only to realize it's not right once it arrives. Often, this is when we look at the return policy for the first time. It's better to have these questions answered beforehand to avoid disappointment later. A reputable online jewellery brand will have a clear return policy with specific terms and conditions. For example, not removing the tag is a common requirement among all jewellery brands.

At Ornate Jewels, we offer a no-questions-asked 15-day return policy. We will happily arrange for the product to be returned and charge a nominal fee of 150 INR. Just make sure the tags are intact. We also provide free lifetime repairs for our valued customers. Additionally, all shipments are insured, ensuring your purchase is always secure.

Ornatejewels Return policy

It's always better to check the policy and warranty information before making your purchase. This way, you can make an informed decision and resolve any issues upon receiving your parcel without feeling cheated

Buy What You Will Wear

Sometimes, buying jewellery online can be impulsive. With so many varieties available, it's easy to get carried away and distracted, resulting in purchases of jewellery you might not wear later. To make the most of your investment, we advise you to buy silver jewellery that you will wear often and enjoy. At Ornate Jewels, we strive to ensure our customers get value for their money.

Before making the final purchase of the items in your cart, take a moment to reconsider and see if you will wear them. While we take pride in our jewellery being great for daily wear and long-lasting, we still want you to make a sensible purchase.

Consider the occasions for which you are buying the jewellery. Is it for party wear or everyday office wear? Do you already have similar pieces? If so, maybe this time you should choose something different. Enjoy buying online, but do so with consideration. We want our customers to enjoy and wear their jewellery for years to come.

Buy Fine silver jewellery online

Buying The Wrong Size

  • We've all experienced the frustration of purchasing the wrong size, whether it's clothing or a ring. To ensure you get the perfect ring size when ordering online, we recommend measuring your ring size at home. All our listings include a ring size chart to help you measure accurately using an existing ring. If you're still unsure, our customer service is available on WhatsApp at 8600718666 to assist you in finding your correct size.
  • If you're not completely satisfied, our fair and easy returns and exchange policy can help. However, it's best to figure out your bangle size, anklet size, or ring size by referring to the chart before purchasing to avoid disappointment.
  • Many online jewellery shoppers often overlook size details and randomly select a size, especially with rings. If you're new to online ring shopping and want a hassle-free experience, consider adjustable rings that fit any size. At Ornate Jewels, we offer a great selection of adjustable rings and couple rings. If you're buying a ring as a gift, adjustable rings are an excellent option.
How to measure ring size online

Checking The Materials

When buying jewellery, it's important to know the materials used in its creation. This not only ensures you understand what you're paying for but also helps those with allergies to certain materials avoid potential reactions. All our silver jewellery is made of 925 silver and comes with a stamp of authenticity on each piece. It's allergy-free and safe for everyone to wear. Our gold jewellery is also certified, with detailed information available in the product descriptions.

Ornatejewels sells fine 925 silver jewellry

Many jewellery stores, including ours, offer gold-plated and rose gold-plated jewellery. It's advisable to check the finish and understand the plating process, including how long it will last and any precautions you need to take while wearing it. At our webshop, we sell 1-micron gold-plated jewels that can last a long time with proper care and usage.

Kind of Gemstones Used

Jewellery manufacturing uses various types of gemstones, available at different price points, ranging from natural to lab-created gems. The variety is extensive. For example, pearls come in many types, including natural, South Sea, freshwater, and plastic, each priced differently. Similarly, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires can be natural, lab-created, or simulated, with significant price differences.

It's always advisable to read the complete product descriptions to understand the metal, gemstones, etc used. Natural gemstones are typically more expensive than lab-created ones. In our 925 silver jewellery, we use lab-created gemstones to keep costs down while maintaining quality. We use real natural freshwater pearls, free of coatings and dyes. If you have any questions, our helpful customer service team is more than happy to assist and solve your queries.

Ruby Ring By Ornatejewels

Shop on Authentic Websites

Unfortunately, some websites are scams designed to extort money, making it difficult for genuine businesses to sell online. You might encounter ads on Facebook offering low-priced products, only to find out later that the products never arrive, leading to misconceptions about all websites being fake. Use common sense—if a price seems too low and lucrative and you know in your heart that it can't be true then don't fall in that trap of offer.

To Ensure You're Shopping on an Authentic Website, Consider the Following Tips:

  • Read the About Us Section: Get to know the people behind the brand. This section often provides insights into the company's history, mission, and values.
  • Check Social Media Presence: Look at the website's activity on social media platforms. A strong and active presence can indicate legitimacy. Always see what their customers have to say about the brand.
Ornatejewels is on instagram
  • Read Reviews and Listings: Google listings and reviews can offer a fair and unbiased look at a company's reputation. Positive reviews and high ratings are good indicators of authenticity.
  • Look for Media Recognition: If a website has been featured or covered by the press or media, it's usually a good sign of its credibility.
  • Verify Availability on Reputable Platforms: Check if the business is available on well-known platforms like Amazon, Nykaa Fashion, Myntra, Ajio, Tata Cliq, and Flipkart. Being listed on these platforms adds to their legitimacy.
ornatejewels is available on amazon, Myntra etc

At Ornate Jewels, we've been featured by many media houses. You can find more about us in our About Us section. We are also available on Amazon, Nykaa Fashion, Myntra, Ajio, Tata Cliq, and Flipkart, which ensures we are a legitimate website and you can buy from us with peace of mind. We recommend that you follow and practice safe online shopping, check the webshop and do proper research before making a purchase.

Check Their Reviews 

One of the best ways to verify the authenticity of a website is through its review section. You can either look at the reviews for a specific item you're interested in or get a general sense of what customers have to say about their overall experience.

Read Ornatejewels reviews

Reviews provide a firsthand account of a brand’s quality, customer service, product durability, and other issues customers may have encountered. This section offers specific and helpful information, helping you feel confident when buying from a new jewellery brand. While you might encounter a bad review, don't let it be your sole decision-maker; instead, look for patterns in the reviews to get a better understanding of the company's reputation.

Avoid These Mistakes When Shopping for Jewellery Online

Jewellery is the most important accessory for any outfit and often holds significant sentimental value, especially when given as a gift. Whether it's for the birth of a child, a romantic proposal, a wedding, or a graduation ceremony, jewellery gifts carry memories and emotions. Therefore, it's essential to choose the right piece for yourself or the person you’re gifting it to.

To Avoid Common Mistakes When Shopping for Jewellery Online:

  • Buy Jewellery That Fits Your Style: Ensure that the pieces you choose match your style or the recipient’s preferences.
  • Select Occasion-Appropriate Jewellery: Consider the occasion when selecting jewellery gifts. Different occasions require different types of jewels. It even depends on the recipients for that you buying the gift for

At our online jewellery shop, there's a perfect gift waiting for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Shop now and find the ideal piece that will create lasting memories