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Fake Pearl Jewelry - Everything You Need To Know

by Mayuresh Madav 19 Jun 2023
Identify real natural pearl jewelry online

It's amazing to see how pearls have kept their importance for so many years – not just through cultures and dynasties but also as a wonder of nature. They truly are special in more ways than one, having made into history across multiple eras!

Its illustrious look and shine led renowned Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer to paint "Girl with a Pearl Earring", showcasing its simplistic beauty. It’s the wonder of nature in its own way. Cleopatra's Pearl is a captivating and classical story about the legendary queen Gwenello of Egypt who, despite her undeniable beauty, faced many difficult obstacles to regain something she had lost - an exquisite pearl.

The current marketplace has a wide variety of pearls available, including the finest South Sea Pearls, Akoya Pearl that are rare and expensive in comparison to more readily-available natural or artificially manufactured freshwater pearls. Imitation pealrs fashioned out of plastic offer another cost effective alternative so women can buy artificial pearl jewellery online.

Authentic pearl jewellery can be expensive and out of reach financially for people, so the invention of fake imitation pearls happened to make it more accessible and affordable. That way variety lovers worldwide are able to experience beautiful pearl jewels at a fraction of the cost!

People often wonder what is Imitation Pearl jewellery ?

Imitation or natural pearl jewelry

Fake pearls are imitation beads or stones made of glass, plastic, ceramic and other materials that resemble the look of genuine pearls. They can be just as beautiful but lack some durability when compared to actual pearl material. These beads of pearls are often painted or dyed and given a coating to look like natural pearls.

These fake imitation pearls are always perfect rounds and are strung in plastic threads. These are also known as faux pearl. There are many variety of faux pearls available in the market. We shall list a few here-

Glass pearls are beautiful and shimmering stones, usually round or oval-shaped, made of glass to resemble the natural shape of organic gems such as oyster shells. They can range in color from white to pinkish purple depending on their production method. These are a cheap option to real pearls.

Plastic pearls are faux jewelry that look like real pearl necklaces but come at a much more affordable price and make an excellent gift for any occasion.

Bathed Pearls are a type of cultured pearls , they are artificially created  from mother of pearl and then have multiple coatings that create  layers . Coatings are done using plastic enamel, titanium dioxide, etc. providing extra luster and protection to the core.

These type of cheap pearl alternatives are mainly used in costume or fake jewellery for their uniform look and they can set easily in larger designs like chokers and long necklaces etc.

There are much better options in pearls available that are easy on pocket and are also derived from a natural source.

Real natural freshwater pearl jewelry in silver earrings

Silver Pearl jewellery is a great option when looking to buy low price pearl jewellery for women online . The cool of silver is a great marriage with pearls. Natural freshwater pearls are a budget buy yet high on looks.

They are also long lasting piece of jewellery which can even be passed from one generation from to other .  A tiny pearl earring is understated statement piece that can be worn by all age groups . A pearl necklace set is always something that many women like to have in their jewelry collection because of the classic and elegant look it gives. Plus, they pair nicely with a variety of different styles making them versatile for any wardrobe choice.

Faux pearls need to be cared for especially for moisture. Ensure if you have fake pearls keep them away from water as the paint on them might wear off

Natural pearls should also be taken care of, gently wipe of your pearls after each wear. Always keep in mind to use perfume and lotions before you put on your pearls so they don’t get damaged. Also wear your pearls often so they get some fresh air and you get your value for money .

 What kind of pearl jewellery to buy for women ?

If you have the budget then a Natural Pearl jewellery set is a complete coordinated set and makes a elegant gift for her on all occasions, it’s the best-selling anniversary gift for women.

Faux pearls don’t have the same look and feel of the real pearls so choose wisely when shopping online for pearl jewellery.

Imitation jewellery may be cheap on pocket but can cause allergies and serious skin issues and doesn’t last so we hope after reading this blog you will be able to make an informed decision if you want to buy imitation pearls or the real deal.

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