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It's true that diamonds can make a girl feel truly beautiful and special, as they are dazzling sparkling gems that represent luxury. Diamonds will forever remain lasting symbols of affection from someone you love or admiration for yourself!

Unfortunately, diamonds can cost a huge amount of money and it is a dream for many to be able to buy one as they are so rare and expensive.

In order to bridge the gap between expensive diamonds and more affordable options, cubic zirconia (CZ) or artificial diamond (AD) have come into attention in recent years making them attractive for customers who are looking a stylish yet budget-friendly option.

Lets get to know why are these sparkly gems so popular among women! And we shall try to answer the most frequently asked questions about these diamond alternates.

What are American diamonds?

 American diamond pure silver jewelry for women online


American Diamonds are high quality, lab-grown gemstones made from a form of carbon known scientifically as cubic zirconia. The stones have the same properties and superior clarity to genuine diamonds at lower prices than traditionally mined gems. AAA grade American diamonds are a great buy for their diamond looks.


Why buy American diamonds?

Also known as CZ or Cubic Zirconia, these affordable diamonds have the same flashy and glamorous look of real diamonds but cost only a fraction of the price. They are an excellent alternative to traditional diamond jewelry.

The great advantage of low pricing is that it allows women to buy multiple jewellery designs at an affordable rate, giving them the opportunity to add variety into their jewel box. One can choose from Solitaire rings, Solitaire stud earrings that are good for daily wear, silver Cz bracelets etc.

Today's women are looking for unique and high-quality jewellery designs that have a variety of styles, materials, stone cuts and colors. They want to express their individuality through the jewelry they wear. Hence American diamonds come into play here

American diamonds jewels are incredibly popular as traveling jewelry because they can be worn for a variety of occasions, such as destination weddings or holidays. Plus, it is an affordable and safe alternative to diamonds since you don't have the worry that something may happen along your journey with them during transportation.

Travel safe with diamond look jewelry affordable and stylish

With its cz diamond look alike cubic zirconia jewellery, one can travel around the world with ease without having to worry about costly diamonds getting stolen or lost; yet looking like a million bucks in all occasions. A line necklace made with American diamonds is most glamourous when paired with a sari or a cocktail gown. 

Solitaire earrings

A pair of solitaire earrings can add a subtle touch of glam and sophistication to any airport look. While travel, Cubic zirconia makes an excellent travel companion as it is not nearly as costly or precious as a diamond, so even if you misplace it while out and about travelling through sandy beaches and pool-side parties one can take comfort in knowing there will be no huge losses. Furthermore, its fashion ability rivals any real diamonds for many occasions making cubic zirconia the smarter choice.

Diamond look solitaire engagement rings for women online

Another most popular category of American diamond jewellery is the engagement ring for women. Many desire to be swept away with a spectacular Diamond Solitaire ring because it has been alluring people from across the globe for years now!

In addition, it is a cost-effective alternative for those looking to find an engagement ring on a budget. It's the perfect starter ring that will give any bride the look of extravagance she wants on her special day without breaking the bank. American diamonds rings also make a great wedding ring for women and men alike. Studded in silver they do like the combo of platinum and diamonds. Today’s modern couples want to wear white gold and prefer it over the traditional yellow gold. Hence the white of silver perfectly fits the bill as it’s a precious metal that’s affordable.

American diamond is also considered an alternate to when you have been recommended to wear a diamond by your astrologer. White sapphire, moissanite are also an alternate to diamonds but a bit more expensive options than AD.

American diamond solitaire jewelry that just looks like diamond jewelry and is affordable

At ornate jewels we have a special curated collection called ISHKI for diamond lovers who want to buy solitaire jewellery online at a low price. We have a range of beautiful solitaire rings for women that look just like diamonds, you can choose to buy from 1 carat solitaire ring to our bestseller 4 carat solitaire ring online at our web shop. Crafted with pure 925 sterling silver these can be worn daily and can be easily cleaned at home as well.

We also have Diamond look hoop earrings for women that range from small hoops to big fashionable partywear hoops to rock your evening. These can be one accessory that can make your outfit go from drab to wow in a jiffy.

Our CZ adjustable rings for men are simple and stylish and their one size fits all make them an easy buy when you looking for an Anniversary gift for men or a wedding ring for men. Comes in a signature git box to make your gifting needs easy.

Diamond look pure silver trendy anklet for women online  

We also have anklets for women in stylish designs that are studded with American diamonds and are sleek and excellent for daily wear.

Our silver rings with American Diamond come in many designs ranging from Single stone solitaires to CZ cluster rings. Our Big party cocktail rings are a must have for any diamond lover who wants the sparkle without paying the hefty price of a diamond solitaire. You can also choose from daily wear band rings for women  in silver that are designed to simple rings that can be paired with other rings to create a stack or wear alone.

In our online jewelry store, we also have CZ necklaces for women who need simple jewelry for office wear that is in trend and also make a subtle statement for their professional looks. 

So we hope that this article has been able to offer guidance on diamond alternatives and why women buy American Diamonds jewellery online these days. Check out our ISHKi collection of American diamonds that look like diamonds.