How to buy pure pearls?

"Pearls don't lie on the seashore. If you want one you must dive for it."

Everyone recall pearls as treasures of the sea. However, when it comes to buying pearl jewellery, it takes more than the basics to make an intelligent decision.Therefore, we are backing you by writing on "how to buy pure pearls":

Fine pure pearls are one of the least understood and most niche gemstones in the jewellery world – even professional jewellers often face difficulty in identifying pearl quality and value.

Freshwater pearls have emerged as the new rivals to Akoya pearls that come in the form of round, white gems, much like Akoya pearls. Ornate Jewels offers the widest selections of pearl colours, shapes and sizes.

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Factors that affect the value of pure pearl:

No one factor determines the value of a pearl to its price. When looking for pearl jewellery, use these factors in association with each other, along with that, always ask questions from the jewellery store.

1) Pearl Shape: Always remember one rule, the rounder the pearl the better it is. As round pearls are very rare therefore they are pretty expensive.

 2) Surface: Of course the surface of a pearl cannot be 100% perfect and smooth but the least number of visible flaws, nicks, cracks or other imperfections, the more valuable and pricier the pearl.

 3) Size: Once both the factors have been judged, at last, the important factor left is pearl size. Traditionally, larger pearls were for more mature women back in the day. But, these days, all adult women are flocking to the larger sized gems. Smaller pearls are being used in jewellery trending for little girls and teenagers.

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Factors to keep in mind before buying:

1) Offers & discounts: No matter which part of the world you live in, discounts attract every human being. Ornate Jewels has some amazing offers and discounts and even services like free shipping.

 2) Certifications: Purchasing jewellery online can be risky, especially for high-value transactions, so be sure that the seller is disclosing all relevant information about the grading of the pearls. Ornate Jewels provide every detail and authenticity certificate as we believe in building relationships with trust.

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3) Expert advice: Always make sure that your jewellery store is owned and operated by pearl experts. While purchasing from Ornate Jewels, you can chat with our expert over a video call or texts, that too for free.