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What You Should Know About Silver Jewellery

by Shelly luthra 14 Sep 2021
What You Should Know About Silver Jewellery


Jewellery is the accesory that makes or breaks an outfit . Be it dailywear, datenight, or wedding wear, no woman would let go of any opportunity to add a piece of jewellery as a statement to their look, for any style. One of the most common yet classy adornments is silver, which has found its place on high within the phase of recent age jewelry. People have associated silver with luxury since decades and recently, Sterling silver has become trendy due to its unique designs and the preciousness of the metal .Designers are able to design and create looks ranging from timeless to trendy that will never go out of style. In this article we would like to share with you some insights on what exactly this precious shiny metal is and why you should invest in it . 

Ability to Create 

This white metal that looks like platinum consists of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of other metal alloys (usually copper). This uniqueness allows it to be molded to any kind of design, as its sturdy and makes it easier for creating beautiful jewellery collections for designers.

silver bracelets


Durable and Long Lasting 

It’s a long lasting dutable metal that can be converted to beautiful designs which can family heirlooms as well . The softness of this metal enables jewellers to create and experiment with different designs and stay relevant with fashion and current times .


One of the unique properties of Chandi jewelry is that of its nature of being hypo-allergenic. Cheap artficial or fashin jewellry is generally made out of brass or nickel, which can cause severe skin issues ranging from acne to rashes on skin ., At ornate rhodium polish each piece which is super safe for your skin

Allergy Free silver


 This metal comes in a variety of designs and types be it nose ring, earring, necklaces, bracelets or rings, whatever your need there is a jewellery design available that ranges from traditional to modern or fusion, and sells at various price points

Woman with Ring



The looks of white gold and the affordability factor makes it a number one choice for jewellery for women on a budget .

Clean jewels

Want to know how to maintain your baubles. Wear it more often and get value for money . Wearing it daily is better than storing and if you ever feel the need to clean just dip it in a solution of dish liquid and water and rinse under running water . Keep it safe from direct sunlight and store properly always. If possible remove it before going to bed to ensure more life to it

We hope you will find these pointers helpful and don’t forget to check out our online jewellery store


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