How To Style Glasses With Earrings ?

A lot of women feel that wearing them together makes them look too heavy. They are uncomfortable wearing anything too long or too busy as they believe it goes against the frames.Some of them feel over-accessorized, and some look old-fashioned. 

To some extent, their concerns are natural. But does it mean that you must give up on your glasses and earrings?

 Our answer is No!

 One most important thing you should remember is, ‘That Your Glasses Are Also An Accessory’.

Since you wear them every day, they become a part of you. People recognize you with them and they speak volumes about your personality. 

Wearing glasses with earrings  

The fact is that they are an accessory in their own right; you can decide how vibrant or a crafty look you want to create, but adding earrings to your glasses will give a styling element. 


Wearing them together, you can make a style statement, but remember to keep a balance. However, it’s your choice that you want a more sober look or be bold. 


Let’s talk about a few tips which will help you in creating the desired look, 

 Subtle is more elegant 

A subtle approach can never go wrong. Choose studs with glasses for a safe and stylish option. They create a balanced focus between the two and give a classier look. They go with almost all styles of frames. Whereas it is always tricky with other earring shapes like hoops, drop earrings, etc. 

Match earrings with glasses

 But bold is beautiful.

If studs are evergreen, that doesn’t mean that you cannot style dangle earrings with our glasses. In fact, long earrings work well because the focus is on the bottom of the drops, which helps to create space between your eyewear and earrings. They both get equal attention, while the focus is on the neck. 

On the contrary, if you opt for larger earrings, coming at the same level as your eyeglass, it creates a cluster.  


Color speaks  

The thumb rule is to coordinate the colour of your eyewear frame with the metal of your jewellery, if you want a versatile look then black colors works best. However, if you are someone who likes to wear your eyewear with more silver or crystal shades, then you should go for silver jewellery. On the other hand, gold jewellery can complement golden, brown and copper shades. You can also choose some coloured gemstones like blue, red, etc. that match the stones in your glasses. 


Earrings with eye frames

 Choose what to highlight.  

Consider glasses and earrings worn together like your makeup. This is like making a balance between your outfit and makeup, what do you want to highlight? 

For example, with a heavy outfit, light makeup is preferable. But you can flaunt your Red lipstick with a slightly plain outfit. 

Similarly, you cannot make a statement with both glasses and earrings together.

 The shape and style of the frame leads the game 

Choose earrings keeping in mind the style of glasses you have. 

If you like more traditional designs of glasses, make a collection of more simple, and traditional earrings. You can choose more studs in pearls, diamonds and different gemstones. 

However, if you like the contemporary style of glasses. Go for more bold earrings like drops, chains or long earrings.


Match your earrings with glasses  Create your own trend 

Most important is to have your own style, especially in which you are comfortable and confident. You know best what looks good on you. 

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 We hope this will help you. Do let us know if you have more ideas/questions. We will cover them in our upcoming blogs.