Summers are around the corner and the best time to show off our trinkets. Wrist jewellery is an important part of the Indian women’s life. It’s a symbol of luck and prosperity. The old age bangle has been replaced by the modern bracelets and are a more convenient form of accessory in the recent times, as mostly women are working now and have a fast paced life. They wear a watch and bangles cant really be style with it. While working on laptops the bangles can make a lot of noise and are not really comfortable and suitable. Wrists being the most thin part of our body it’s a great idea to decorate them. There are even famous songs in bollywood on women’s wrists.

Hence bracelets are and will remain one of the most wanted and timeless accessories for a woman. When worn right they can perfectly add a touch of class and glamour to your everyday look also.

Read on to find some easy ways to style your bracelets this summer and show off those “Chittiyan Kalayian “

Consider Your WorkPlace
Styling is important for a professional look but always keep in mind less is more Thin tennis bracelets are just the right amount of shine and sparkle that a working wrist needs. These kinds of bracelets are even easy to pair with a watch. The most common bracelet design for women is the diamond or American Diamond. A clean design that’s studded with sparkling white gemstones can be worn with all kinds of outfits at work. They pair beautifully with collared shirts and sleeveless work blouses. These are also a simple straight design that won't catch on to the things surrounding you as compared to big jingly ones that may make a lot of noise. A tennis design has been a favorite of women of all ages. It's classy, has a sophisticated rich look, and is ultimately stylish. Check out our bracelets designed for women here 

Pure Silver Bracelets for Women | Best Designs | Ornate Jewels
Styling With Summer Dresses
Lightweight flowy date night dresses demand romantic feminine accessories. A statement bracelet can really add that much-needed style factor and shine to your evenings. Wear a nice wrist accessory with a formal evening occasion. Think Hollywood movies. A simple bangle with a hanging charm also looks just lovely and is the right amount of bling and metal for summertime for ultimate comfort while being stylish

Simple Is Always Classy
A look that has always stayed in vogue is a simple LBD or little black dress with a silver or a gold jewel. Adorn your wrists, wear matching earrings or a necklace and you are all set. A wrist full of CZ bangles made with pure sterling silver, that shine and sparkle is a delight to the eyes.

Styling a Stack
Mixing and matching is another way to create an interesting look but do keep in mind to not overload your arms with too many bracelets. Keep it classic and elegant by matching the right kind of metals or colons. Mixing the patterns and motifs and different widths also can create an interesting look. Some outfits can really use this kind of look and can look and feel chic.

Less Is Always More
And especially in the summer heat where one has to accessorize without going overboard. Sticking to less is comfortable. An uncomfortable dress, shoes, or jewel can really take away the beauty because you will be visibly uncomfortable if something is bothering you. As already mentioned, don’t overdo it with any accessories. Stick with less. Stacking a few is ok but there is a difference between beautifully stacked bracelets and overloading them.

Follow The Color Scheme
Summer pastels can really be paired with cool pearl bracelets or pure silver ones that have charms hanging. Too much of gold in summer also look showy and in poor taste. Take inspiration from your OTT platforms and celebs who keep it to a bare minimum when it comes to creating looks while being comfortable.

Size Does Matter
Wearing the right size is an important factor to look and feel beautiful. Wearing a tight wrist bracelet can make your wrist pop out and look big and a loose ill-fitted one will keep falling off the hand.

We hope this guide helped you in some way