How To Reduce Ear Hole Size Naturally ?
Are you suffering from earlobes getting saggy due to age? Or your earlobes have gotten bigger due to prolonged earring wearing? We are here to help you with a few helpful suggestions that can reshape your ear piercings
The most common remedy to fix earholes is getting them surgically repaired  but not everyone wants to do that also its an expensive option too.

The question that we all wonder is that how do ear holes get big in the first place?

Well, here are a few reasons that we feel that may have caused your ear hole to be increased in size:
Wearing heavy earrings in freshly pierced ears
Age is the main cause sagging of skin
Wearing gauge earrings for fashion
For some reason ears are constantly being pulled or tugged at
Ear piercing should be in the exact center of the lobe

There are a few things to be considered that

Ear Piercings are nothing but forcefully created open wounds that heal over a period of time when the tissue from inside the piercing
Piercings of any kind may take anywhere from 6 months to a year to fully heal and repair so in this healing period wear lightweight pure silver earrings so they don’t cause any infection or pull.
Heavy earrings can cause the ear lobes to stretch and tear and this can be irreversible damage that only a surgeon might be able to repair
Here are a few steps that we feel if you follow these steps it might help them to reduce in size.
  • Avoid Wearing earrings to bed
Remove your earrings before sleeping and take them off daily. It helps your skin breathe and rest from the daily usage
Also, you may want to consider not wearing any jewellery for a few days and months.Do this until your earring hole shrinks to the size you want.
  • Wear Heavy Earrings Occasionally
Don’t wear heavy earrings on a daily basis as they may cause stress to the ears. Also, note that hoops or any heavy earrings tend to pull the ears towards gravity hence causing the earlobes to stretch.
Keep these kinds of ear jewelry to occasional wear only. Women in India love to wear chandbali or heavy jhumkis, try and avoid these.
  • Chemicals Peels
Chemical peels performed by a doctor or a qualified cosmetologist may help form a layer inside the scar tissue and make the hole smaller in the due course . Make sure to get it done by a qualified person so as not to get any infection .
  • Wear Earlobe Support
Wearing earlobe support can give you temporary relief as there is no natural way to shrink the earlobe hole.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
Always clean your ear hole on ear lobe daily with soap and warm water to clean it effectively To heal it faster, use a homemade solution of half a teaspoon of salt and one cup of water and wash your ears or use a cotton compress by dampening a cotton ball in the solution and placing on ears and dabbing it frequently follow with any antibiotic cream on your piercing. Jojoba oil and grapeseed oil can be rubbed daily on the affected area while you follow the above treatments . These oils can even reduce the size and inflammation of the earlobe Keep doing the above process until achieving the result you want
You may want to remove your earrings for a few months but please note that your earholes may close and you will need another piercing then
Prevention is better than cure
Wear only lightweight pure 925 silver earrings, like studs, solitaire studs, etc that will not be heavy and won't damage your ears 
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