How to Wear Pearls & Stay Modern - Ornate Jewels

Wearing pearl Jewellery gives you a new look and it doesn’t mean you have to look dated. You can totally rock pearls without losing your modern edge. Pearls are the epitome of elegance and can add instant sophistication to any outfit. Pearls look best when carefully matched to the occasion. If you want to know how to wear pearls, you must know when to wear them. But there are many different types of pearls and ways of wearing pearls and today we are going to learn about how to wear pearls and stay modern.

At the Office

If you must wear formal clothing at the office, a single strand white pearl necklace is a good choice. You can combine it with a slim-fit jacket, buttoned shirt, or crew neck blouse. Pearls look better when they are mingled with an outfit that may look a little busy.

Everyday Wear


There’s no reason why you can’t wear real pearl earrings for running errands, shopping or socializing. A two-strand pearl necklace is great for a dressed-down look. It adds a touch of glamour to a modern pair of sneakers, jeans, midi dress or leather jacket. If you want to wear something a little simpler, opt for a pearl pendant or modern choker pearl necklace.

Formal Events

A multi-strand necklace can provide the simplest gown with the wow factor. The more understated the dress, the more you can highlight the beauty of the pearls. For this reason, we recommend selecting a solid color and precious fabric for a style you will love. When wearing an embellished dress, we recommend opting for demure pearl accessories.

Pearl Necklace


One of the most modern necklaces to wear right now is, of course, a pendant necklace. A pendant pearl necklace is a modern twist on a classic accessory. Yet, you must be confident the necklace can handle the pendant’s weight. If it can’t, it could result in pearls falling all over the floor. The pendant will be the focus of the necklace, so it’s essential you match it with an outfit’s color. If you don’t, you’ll stand out for all the wrong reasons. For instance, if you are wearing a red sweater, look for a pendant with a red shade. If you’re wearing darker clothing, such as black or brown, select a coloured pendant. Don’t forget to match the pendant to your shoes and purse, too!

Here are a few ways in which you can wear pearls and stay modern. You can even buy silver pearl rings for your loved ones from the best online silver jewelry store Ornate Jewels.