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Pearls have long been renowned for their status of “Wealth and propriety”. From being used in capes, as a symbol of “royal blood” to being fashioned as part of a statement necklace, the use of them throughout time has been recurrent. In Vedic text, the legend states that the pearl was born in Earth’s waters and the powers of the heavens, birthed through a flash of lightning. And even in many stories, the pearl is known as the daughter of the moon. This statement is enough to show you the beauty and importance of silver pearl jewellery in your collection In many parts of the world and mostly in Western cultures, the pearls even have astrological links to the planet Venus and its Goddess counterpart. While its mythological and historical merit makes pearls one of the most sought after gems in both fashion and jewellery world pearls also have their places as a symbolic charm.

Pearls preciosity has not gone unnoticed by women, we have become embittered with the idea of men wearing them despite concentrated marketing efforts and instead have claimed this precious gem as our very own jewel. Pearl is so popular with women because society has defined it as being it as a symbol of femininity, despite being worn by Royal Kings to indicate the presence of divinity. Let us see what pearl Jewellery means to girls & women.

Young Girls

As a young girl, receiving a gift of pearls is like a dream come true. What little girl doesn’t dream of dressing up like a princess and looking beautiful? And pearls have that undeniably timeless fairy tale style. She may get a sweet pearl necklace as a gift, to wear as a flower girl in a relative’s wedding, or maybe a little pearl bracelet, to wear on a holiday with her fancy new dress. Receiving pearls as a special gift from Mommy or Daddy will make them even more precious and meaningful to her, and as she grows up, she’ll treasure them all the more for the memories.

Young Women

Maybe it’s a gift of pearls to wear to her farewell, from Mom. Or maybe it’s a college graduation present from Dad. Regardless of what that occasion is, and which of her parents gives them to her, it’s sure to be an emotional moment when she opens up that package. Giving pearls to a young adult has an entirely different meaning that it does for a little girl. A young woman can wear them to those memorable events, and imbue them with even more emotion, so that as the year passes, those exciting days will come back to her every time she puts those silver pearl earrings.

Adult Women

As an adult, there are so many occasions where the gift of pearls can add that extra touch. From weddings and new babies to birthdays and anniversaries, husbands, relatives and friends can’t go wrong when giving a woman pearls. The wonderful thing about pearls is that once that woman has granddaughters of her own, she can pass those precious pearls down to them, to preserve her memories for another generation and to continue the cycle of giving and all through the beauty and magic of silver pearl rings.

Above is everything about what pearl jewellery means to girls and women. So, if you are looking for some silver pearl jewellery head straight towards Ornate Jewels for the latest & new trendy silver jewellery for you and your loved ones.