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The Ultimate Gifting Guide for Mother’s Day 2022

by Shelly luthra 31 Jan 2022
The Ultimate Gifting Guide for Mother’s Day 2022
With Mother’s Day only a few weeks away, we’re reminded of the beautiful memories our mom has given us since our childhood. She’s loved, appreciated and pampered you every single day of your life. Your mom is the first person you call up whether you need some life advice or want to share any exciting news. It’s obvious that mothers deserve to be celebrated every day of the year. So, Mother’s Day comes as a great opportunity to make her feel super special. A Mother’s Day gift doesn’t need to be bought just for your mom—take this day to pamper your grandma, or the mother of your children too.
Silver Rings
So what can you gift your mom that says, “I love you and appreciate all the things you’ve done for me”? Well, we suggest a heartfelt greeting card, one with a personalized handwritten message expressing all that you love about your mother. Then to go along with the card, you can also pick out a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Did you know that the official flowers for Mother’s Day are pink carnations? We recommend you pick out a fragrant mix of pink carnations with white roses, to go along with the card. But to make the day completely unforgettable, we at Ornate Jewels recommend an incredible gift that’ll completely delight her- fine 925 sterling silver jewelry. Pure silver rings or silver bracelets for women online can be just the item to make her remember this day forever. 
Why should you get your mother fine jewelry on Mother’s Day? Well, not only is it beloved by most women, but it holds a sentimental value to anyone you give it to. It will be something she wears every day, and every time she looks down at a ring or a necklace you’ve given her, she will think of you. So this year, give her something that’s symbolic of her motherhood and the unique bond that you both share.
RIngs for women
Take a look at a list of some of the best 925 silver jewelry items you need to get your mom this Mother’s Day!

Solitaire Stud Earrings

A classic piece of 925 silver earrings, solitaire studs are an eye-catching pair fit for any mother who needs a staple in her closet. Their zirconia sparkle is not just pretty but holds a deep meaning as well. Their spherical shape is spiritually representative of protection, intimacy, and the continuity of life cycles. Often, the symbol of femininity has been visualized as a circle to represent motherhood and nurturing nature. Hence, this pair of earrings will be an amazing gift that will hold a special place in her heart, and one she can wear every day. This kind of jewellery is best suited for the style of a woman her age and goes with Indian traditional wear or office wear. Making it the perfect choice for a working woman like your mother.
Mother wearing silver earrings from ornatejewels

Silver Band Rings

Another gift that will make your mother feel super special is a simple yet sophisticated ring. We at Ornate Jewels especially love silver bands rings as a gift for Mother’s Day. Band rings are timeless and flatter a lot of outfits, and if your mother is a working woman, these make for a great Mother’s Day present. They are a great, understated add-on for office wear garments like pantsuits, casual blouses and neutral coats.
Silver bands are a beautiful piece to own, especially when studded with American diamonds. Ornate Jewels’ rhodium-polished band rings are great for daily wear—they don’t turn black or tarnish easily. Band rings also come in several styles, like colorful gemstones or pearls. We also recommend a unique set of three silver stackable rings so she can mix and match as she pleases. They’re a style upgrade like no other.

PEarl necklace worn by woman

Pearl Necklaces

If your mom is a great hostess and has a bubbly, outgoing personality, she’s sure to love a pure pearl necklace  as a Mother’s Day gift. It is a conversation-starter, especially if your mom has a penchant for unique style. Easily paired with both Indian and western outfits, these necklaces will be a one-of-a-kind statement piece, perfect for party wear. We recommend sterling silver necklaces with solitaire pearls, set in the shape of a flower or a teardrop. They’re a soft, feminine touch to jazz up an outfit. 
If you’re looking for more memorable gifting ideas for Mother’s Day, we’re sure you’ll find something that’ll catch your eye at Ornate jewels. Choose from 925 silver anklets, bracelets, pendants and much more to make this year’s Mother’s Day super special for you and your mom.

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