As a working woman, earrings are an irreplaceable part of your office look. These kinds of jewelry are highly versatile and easy to switch up your look making it a must have accessory. They are easy to wear all day long and can help every outfit in your wardrobe dazzle. Investing in 925 silver jewelry, especially ear jewelry, is a very smart choice. This metal is hypoallergenic and durable when made into ornaments. What’s more is, since alloys of this metal are super affordable, you can own unique pieces in several styles. With a well-chosen selection, you’ll have the perfect accessory for every ensemble. When it comes to choosing which 925 silver studs for ears  to pick for your closet, you must know the most common types of earrings out there. This guide will help you to know exactly which ones to choose on your shopping spree. Let’s take a look at some of the bestselling styles of earrings…

Solitaire Stud Earrings

If you’re looking for daily wear stud tops that suit most facial types, this is a style that’s simple and versatile. Solitaire means a single diamond or stone, set in any metal like gold or silver. This singular rock design is starkly elegant, because of how simple it is. What’s more is, since this is a timeless piece, it is a great investment that’ll last a long time. For a retro 60’s style, pair these  with an A line skirt and a blazer. So, when you go for this type of design you can go for a piece set in silver with zircon stones that shine like diamonds, and yet are easy on the pocket.

Solitaire Studs

Danglers For Your Ears 

Another key piece of your ornament closet are danglers; they have the power to add a subtle touch of glam to your Indian wear and western wear alike. These kinds of pieces are made in a wide variety of shapes and designs ranging from drop danglers, long single line ones, freshwater pearls drops, etc. Usually, these styles pair well with collared shirts and turtlenecks with your hair tied in a bun. When choosing these 925 silver zircon long earrings , match them with an evening gown or cocktail dress. For a 9 to 5 look, they can pair well with a collared shirt or your business suit– for that boss babe look. A drop dangler is often set with solitaires and is one of the most pretty designs and a celeb fave. For the perfect party glam, treat yourself to these styles for the perfect accessory.

Dangler Earrings

Hoops For You 

Bali hoops are one of the top styles worn in the world. They are one of the most popular designs ever sold– a favorite among women of all ages.This design has an Indonesian history and dates back to a historical Balinese culture. Nevertheless, this style has a major place in Indian jewelry essentials. They are crafted with gold, sterling silver, or brass and its alloys. This ‘Bali’ style is one with stones set around the circumference. For an eye-catching pair, this is a great choice. Hoops Bali Earrings



 Your jewelry collection cannot be truly complete without a Desi twist. Jhumkis add a dramatic effect that pairs well with an Indian outfit ensemble. They’re essentially danglers, but have more intricate designs like lattice work, making them more Desi and Indian traditional in their look. Silver jhumkis are usually shaped into domes, with a small curve or the shape of the swan or peacock at the top. Jhumkis now come in several modern styles as well, for an ethnic look suited for workwear. They’re simple in design and are stylish, lightweight and suit the workaday lifestyle.Jhumki for women



Studs are one of the top favourites of working women having a wardrobe full of several styles, studs are best suited for versatility and durability For dailywear designs that include unique gemstone colors, these are the top choice. They’re available in different styles, the most popular ones being round solitaire studs. Oval Princess Cut, Cushion Cut, Heart Shape, etc. are also beloved styles that match both traditional and western wardrobes. If you are searching for gifts to make her Valentine’s Day special, we suggest the Heart Shape Real Pearl Studs

Silver stud earrings


These often come in a variety of offbeat designs like quirky shapes of tiny hearts, smileys, freshwater pearls, and so on. For more contemporary looks, front-back studs are also popular.  When it comes to your second piercing, solitaire 925 silver stud earrings are the best to go with as they’re hypoallergenic and safe.

Other earrings’ styles also include ear climbers, ear cuffs, flower design earrings, etc.

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