Whether it’s an anniversary, a special occasion or a way to surprise your partner at the end of a hard week— 925 sterling silver jewelry makes for an awe-worthy gift. As the new year rolls around, we’ve all set a fresh reset to our lives. With the end of the year being a time of hard work and grind, we’re sure your girlfriend would love to come home to a romantic dinner and a piece of jewelry. To match the feeling of a new year full of opportunities and optimism, you can gift 925 silver anklets to your partner. If you want to surprise your special lady after a long work-trip, buying her a cute trinket is the sweetest gesture.Heart Rings

Unique Jewelry for Your One-of-a-Kind Partner  

As valentine's day approaches and when you want to bowl your partner over, you want a gift that stands apart from the rest. A promise ring is a gesture that we are sure she will love to have and cherish all her life . It  also shows that you think your loved one is like no other person on the planet. So, you want this valentines gift for her to be the perfect representation of your emotions. Which kind of the best gift for her should you choose? We have the answer— heart shaped jewelry. 

Heart-shaped jewelry is in itself a very romantic gift. This love shape has been the symbol of love for several ages, in many cultures. Around the world the heart symbol is used to express loving emotions to anyone we love, especially romantic relations. As Valentine's season is here this is an ideal time to gift your significant other pure silver heart rings for women, especially made for her .

Different Types of Heart Shaped Jewelry

When you’re choosing to express your love to your forever love, there are a lot of heart shaped baubles to choose from. One of the most common variations of heart shaped jewelry is wearing cute little hearts dangling from a silver chain. At ornate jewels we have the best selection of heart designs ranging from key pendants with the head shaped like a heart . Two intertwined hearts suspended from a chain made with pure 925 silver . They make the best romantic gifts for your never ending love for her .Heart necklace

The perfect opportunity to present this gift is at a romantic dinner, whether it be out on the town or indoors. Make her feel special when you take her out on a long drive and see her face sparkle with joy .In her fast paced lifestyle, she may not have too much time to change her jewelry everyday. With this necklace gift for her ,you can ensure gifting a permanent ornament for her daily wear. What’s more- a shining sterling necklace like this one can be worn without much worry or upkeep. 

Another heart shaped adornment that can be gifted (or bought for yourself!) is a heart ring. This form of gift is a little more intimate, owing to the romantic connotations of gifting a ring. As such, it is best to give it to your partner when you’re marking a special occasion and An occasion like this could be a special date, an anniversary, or even an engagement. Around this time of year, a very special yearly date arrives— 14 February, Valentine’s Day. This day marks a romantic chance to sweep your lover off her feet. Out late on an indulgent dinner, you can present a heart shaped ring to prove your deep love. These kinds of pure silver rings are often shaped in the form of inset cubic zirconia diamonds in the shape of a heart, or shaped out of sterling metal itself. While being an amazing gift, they are also particularly light on the pocket. As an affordable alternative to gold, 925 silver zircon rings are still valuable, easier to maintain and suited for all skin tones.

A little treat for yourself or a loved one, silver hoops in the shape of a heart are a funky addition to the jewelry mix. They’re a great way to add an eye catching trinket to your outfit, without being too gaudy or overbearing. Heart shaped jewelry is a trendy piece to own, for someone with minimalist or even Y2K fashion. Pairing it with a simple blouse and trousers or even a crop top and skirt looks good with these versatile pairs of 925 silver earrings. Don't forget to check out our valentines day specials at https://www.ornatejewels.com/collections/hearts-jewelry